make field name in code variable for vb code loop

I have a form with 20 fields on it with the following names:  COL_1, COL_2...COL_20  
I need to check each one of these dropdown fields to see if a predefined text has been selected.  Problem is I can't figure out how to make the number part of the field name a variable or what to Dim it as.

    Dim ColumnNum As ??????, intCount As Integer
    intCount = 1
    Do Until intCount = 20
        ColumnNum = COL_ & intCount
        If ColumnNum = "CompToRcvd" Then
            MsgBox "yes"
            MsgBox "no"
        End If
        intCount = intCount + 1
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Steve BinkCommented:
Are these fields in the underlying recordset, or are they controls on the form?  It makes a difference.  Here's a basic template:

For x = 1 to 20
    Me.Controls("COL_" & x) '<--- references a control COL_x
    Me.Recordset.Fields("COL_" & x)  '<--- references a field in the underlying data

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Dim c As Control
For Each c In Me.Controls
If c.ControlType = acTextBox Then
    MsgBox & " " & c.Value
End If
Next c

if combo use:

if list box
woodan1Author Commented:
That's the answer.  Thanks.

    Dim x As Integer
    x = 1
    For x = 1 To 20
        If Me.Controls("COL_" & x) = "CompToRcvd" Then
            Debug.Print "Yes " & "COL_" & x
            Debug.Print "No " & "COL_" & x
        End If
woodan1Author Commented:
Sorry McDougall, didn't catch your response until after I accepted.
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