Microsoft visual basic 6.0 / Access alternatives

Microsoft visual basic 6.0 will be used as the Object Orientated Program (OOP) to create the front end of a small video store booking system (this is a uni assignment), this will then interact with the relational database management system (RDBMS) Microsoft Access.

I have been asked to research alternatives, what alternatives are there to create this sort of device.

Please give the RDBMS and then the OOP.

e.g. is Realbasic an alternative for visual basic 6.0 and can it be used with Access or any other RDBMS?
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JesterTooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are probably dozens of potential good answers to this question... the choice would probably be based on familiarity with the products and/or cost.

RealBasic (the Professional Edition) can be used with most of the RDBMS's and with any ODBC compliant DBMS.  I believe it would be at least as good a choice as VB6.  I don't recommend using MS Access for the backend however... I don't think it is robust enough to store critical business data in (it's a great tool for ad-hoc analytical tasks, though).

Other candidates are Java, FoxPro, xHarbour, Delphi for the OOP side and MSDE, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cloudscape, Firebird, InstantDB for the RDBMS.  Java and xHarbour both have cross-platform capability (Linux & WIndows) as do the RDBMS's so they offer additional flexibility for deployment.  RealBasic is cross-platform between Windows and Apple Mac's but that probably doesn't translate into any advantage in this scenario.

There are more viable possibilities but I'll leave them for someone else to suggest.

I will recommend go directly to VB.NET
First of all VB.NET is fully object oriented (VB 6 is NOT)
As Back end MS SQL Server is natively supported by .NET framefork. But Access will be good enough.
And if it is really SMALL video store - even flat XML file might work just fine as data storage.
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