widcomm bluetooth for windows xp


Iam using a windows xp system with SP2. Iam using Nokia testing suite to test Symbian phones. But the software can detect the symbian cell phone, if Iam using widcomm bluetooth stack in windows xp. Is there any method to replace the Microsoft generic bluetooth stack with Widcomm stack. If so, where can I download it

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Do you have the MS and WIDCOMM stacks install on the same PC? And if so doe sthe XP SP2 system install the driver for the MS stack?

YOu can goto the device manager and right click on the dirver and select reinstall the device driver...  Then when the Driver wizard appears, select the advanced option for installing the driver...  The default directory where the WIDCOMM drivers are located are c:\program files\widcomm\bluetooth software\bin. They are named btwusb.sys and btwusb.inf....

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