Looking for a tool (very low price or free) which will convert cmyk pdf's to rgb pdf's.

Looking for a tool (very low price or free) which will convert cmyk pdf's to rgb pdf's.  Reason: I using Paintshop Pro instead of photoship because it's much cheeper.  However, Jasc PSP doesn't  open cmyk pdf's correclty - it tints the colours slightly.  

Alternatively I'll settle for a way to fix the colours in PSP.

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Remember that there is not a direct 1 to 1 translation from RGB to CMYK colorspaces, which is why both are still in regular use. Here's some good background on the process: http://digitaldog.imagingrevue.com/files/RGBtoCMYKconversons.pdf

I would take a look at The Gimp (http://www.gimp.org) It rivals photoshop in power, and will open PDFs. Unfortunately, it does not have good CMYK support, but while you have to have a plug in to go from RGB -> CMYK, it may well open and convert CMYK to RBG without trouble. And it's free.

If that does not work, the next cheapest way that I know will do the conversions you want is Jaws PDF Creator (http://www.jawspdf.com). I am not sure if the Jaws PDF Editor will do it (it's cheaper), but you might check with them and see.

leos_Author Commented:

Thanks for the background info.

Jaws Editor won't do it without creator, but reasonable price.

You're welcome. Thanks for the points and "A", and good luck with your project.
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