Linux dns/dhcp server on Windows 2003 AD

I'm setting up a new network.  I'm considering setting up 2 windows 2003 domain controllers and a linux dhcp/dns server.  Are there any concerns i should be aware of with this setup.  Should i just stick with all windows systems??


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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Your DNS server MUST support and be running Dynamic DNS foor Active Directory.  Personally, while it can be done (and I believe fairly easily), for Active Directory purposes, I would only use a Windows DNS.  The Windows DHCP server works quite well too, but if you want, you can use Linux for this. (seems rather silly to just run this off a linux machine though)
eschaefrAuthor Commented:
I was leaning towards just using windows but i wasnt sure if the cost, or lack there of, of a linux system would be worth the effort.  
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