Cisco BBSM, Aironet 1200, ACS

I have a two part question.  Here's the overview.

We have a small office in NY that we need to setup an Access Point in, no problem so far( We are a Cisco shop so the Aironet 1200 is the logical choice).  From time to time we have users from some of our sister companies and outside venders that need access to the internet or to establish a vpn with their home office. We need to allow them access to the internet but not our network while at the same time allowing our users access to the internal network and internet.

Question 1.  Can one Aironet support two SSIDs?   I'm guessing that if a domain user grabs SSID #1 we can assign an ip in range #1 and the outside user can grab SSID #2 and get an ip in the #2 range.  Then using access lists on the PIX we can control who goes where based on IP range.

Question 2.  Building Broadband Service Manager (BBSM).  (Our larger sister company is using this which is the only reason I'm looking at it as an option) If all I want to do is the have an outside user authenticate before going out to the internet, can I just use Cisco ACS for this.  We're not a hotel and will not be charging for service or anything.  What dos BBSM really give us?  

Anyone have a better solution for this? The two SSID problem can be handled obviously by purchasing two Aironets but we have a few other offices that we will have to do this to so I don't really want to buy double the Aironets per location (that would mean 10+ at the main office)

I have talked to Cisco presales dept and have not really got a good answer.  I know I can call our Cisco vender but for something like this I'd like leave them out until I know what I want.  

Thanks in advanced

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Wireless-JesterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Yes - the aironet can support multiple SSID
2. I am not sure how you would setup dhcp servers to hand out different ip addresses based on SSID alone. I think the solution is : inside the aironet accesspoint you can assign each SSID their own Vlan to create your traffic policies.
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