see an example using object-group service

see an example using object-group service

I would like to see an example using object-group service command with  the following

object service name: management

for services : ssh,dns,ntp,ldap,syslog,snmp,smtp

ACL: then apply it from lower security30 (dmz1) on to a higher (inside) security100
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know why that would not work.
You can also group your networks. This is just an example only:

name DOT32
name DOT33
name DOT34
name DOT54
name DOT64

object-group network LOWSECURITY
  network-object DOT32
  network-object DOT33
  network-object DOT34

object-group network HIGHSECURITY
  network-object DOT54
  network-object DOT64

access-list dmz_in permit object-group typeofprotocol object-group LOWSECURITY object-group HIGHSECURITY object-group management


object-group service HEAT tcp
  port-object eq www
  port-object eq https
  port-object eq 491
object-group network HEAT_SRVRS
  network-object APROHEAT01
  network-object APROHEAT02
access-list inbound permit tcp any object-group HEAT_SRVRS object-group HEAT
access-group inbound in interface outside
Here's one the reverse:

object-group service User_Outbound tcp
  port-object eq telnet
  port-object eq www
  port-object eq ssh
  port-object eq ftp-data
  port-object eq https
  port-object eq ftp
access-list outbound permit tcp any any object-group User_Outbound
access-list outbound permit udp host <dns server> any eq domain
access-group outbound in interface inside
cogitAuthor Commented:
this work?

object-group protocol typeofprotocol
protocol-object tcp
 protocol-object udp
S# exit
S# object-group service management tcp-udp
port-object eq 22
port-object eq 53
port-object eq 123
port-object eq 389
port-object eq 514
port-object eq 161
port-object eq 25
(config-service)#  exit

access-list vlan32_out permit object-group typeofprotocol  object-group  management
access-list vlan33_out permit object-group typeofprotocol  object-group  management
access-list vlan34_out permit object-group typeofprotocol  object-group  management
access-list v44_out permit object-group typeofprotocol  object-group  management
access-list v54_out permit object-group typeofprotocol  object-group  management
access-list v64_out permit object-group typeofprotocol  object-group  management
access-group vlan32_out in interface vlan32
access-group vlan33_out in interface vlan33
access-group vlan34_out in interface vlan34
access-group v44_out in interface v44
access-group v54_out in interface v54
access-group v64_out in interface v64

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