Code is dimmed and not editable

I purchased a web package from 'SmartWebby' that uses DW templates...I am not accustomed (yet) to using templates in DW MX 2004, and would like to modify the code directly in just the few pages that this website requires, but it is dimmed out and DW will not let me change it...

How do I make the code editable?
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>>How do I make the code editable?<<
You edit the main page, not one by one.

Templates are very easy to use once you understand how they work.
There are templates and pages created out of the template.

The whole idea behind this is that you will set the stuff that every page should have in common as NON-EDITABLE REGIONS (menu, header, footer, etc), and the stuff that will be different in every page as EDITABLE REGIONS (title, news, etc).

The pages will not let you modify NON-EDITABLE CONTENT, for that you must change the template (and then all pages are updated automatically).

If you are having trouble finding the template, try this:

DW creates a TEMPLATES folder to store the templates. The files that you need to edit should be there.
Also, the pages that are created out of templates have a piece of code that tells DW where to find the original. look at the top for something like this:
<!-- InstanceBegin template="/Templates/mytemplate.dwt"
That says that the template "mytemplate.dwt" can be found inside the "Templates" folder.

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BTW: If you absolutely must modify the code in the pages instead of going through the template (completely not recommended), use another application; any other code editor won't recognize the templates and let you modify the code.
cdr21Author Commented:

I suppose you're right about the templates being easier... I'm somewhat 'old school' and too busy 'working' to change...

I did find a templates directory and, lo and behold, can edit these .dwt files just fine....

I found out later that someone in my office has changed the originals files that came with this package...

I only have a couple more questions...the .htm file file I was trying to edit, was apparently derived from a .dwt file, but it does not have any code like:
<!-- InstanceBegin template="/Templates/mytemplate.dwt"

Is there anyway to tell what template file was the source in the absence of an InstanceBegin statement?

>>I'm somewhat 'old school' and too busy 'working' to change...<<
I understand. Happens to me all of the time :D

>>Is there anyway to tell what template file was the source in the absence of an InstanceBegin statement?<<
Is the page acting like it is connected to a template? to my knowledge, without the code DW shouldn't know it is a template. And I pressume that even in the event that you found the original, DW won't have a way to link the spawn back, hence not updating it. Give it a try to see.

To see if the template is on the same site folder, try searching for a document that has some of the non-editable code of your page. If the template is there it should appear within the search results. Also, you can search for all .dwt files and check each one out (there shouldn't be many of them).

Let me know how it goes.
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