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server dropped connection without sending the initial greeting

I am running postfix server. One of my users is trying to send an email to verizonwirless.com and postfix is droping the connection. I cant figure this one out, why am I getting this error:
Apr  3 05:05:13 mail1 postfix/smtp[12542]: 81A218CA83: to=<******.******@VerizonWireless.com>, relay=none, delay=306603, status=deferred (connect to mercury.verizonwireless.com[]: server dropped connection without sending the initial greeting)

I confirmed that mail was going to the right location
nslookup -q=MX VerizonWireless.com
mercury.VerizonWireless.com     internet address =

The funny thing is that it takes a good 5-8 seconds for the initial greeting from verizonwireless.com email server when I
"telnet mercury.VerizonWireless.com 25"

I do have "smtpd_helo_required = yes" in my main.cf
Could smtp_helo_timeout be the trick?
1 Solution
Yes, that sounds reasonable. You may also want to try smtp_connect_timeout parameter as well.

If you wanted to you could also setup a special transport table just for these types of difficult sites (such as Hotmail as well), assigning them to a special delivery agent that applies special timeout settings just for them.

DMS-XAuthor Commented:
Looking at both of these settings they are already set to a reasonable timeout.
smtp_helo_timeout = 300s
smtp_connect_timeout = 30s
I changed smtp_connect_timeout to 300s
I will let you know if this worked.


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