problem installing Exchange 2003 "NNTP component error"

hi, I have a freshly installed 2003 server with the domain, and dns configured.  the netdiag comes back with no errors, IIS is installed and configured, but when i try to go through the Exchange 2003 setup, i get the following error.

The component "Microsoft Exchange Messaging and Collaboration Services" cannot be assigned to action "Install" because:
 - The NNTP component of Microsoft IIS is either not installed or disabled
 - You must uninstall the windows pop3 service in order for setup to continue
 - setup has detected that v1.1 or above has not been installed.

I think i have adheared to all these things.  thanks.

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Have you installed NNTP ?  
it is part of IIS but not installed by default.  If you check under add/remove programs then windows components and look at all the options available under IIS, you will probably find NNTP is unticked.

similarly i think is also an available component in there, but its buried away quite deep in the same area and a bit harder to find.

pcavenueAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I was a big moron, it was the NNTP thing, i found it right after i asked.  I awared the points to simon because he was the quickes to bat on it, and the only one to awnser, thans simon
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