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I found this code for streaming media from a wvx file. Or at least I think it is streaming it.
 I typed the following code and saved it as a wvx file:

<ASX version="3.0">
      <ref HREF="No_Room_For_Jesus.wmv"/>

I placed this file in the same folder as the wmv file that is named in the above code. The  wvx and wmv files are in a subfolder.

But, I don't think it's actually streaming the file. It goes through a buffering process and then plays the file. I have another page for Firefox users( cause you cannot stream from a wvx file in Firefox). 
The links here go directly to the wmv file and is therefore is not streaming it. When the files play, it is almost identical to what I thought was streaming(with wvx file)

what am I missing here
Am I streaming or not?

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sciwriterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The handling of this file type will ALWAYS depend on the user's browser's settings.  In my case, for security, a window pops up asking if I want to save the file, use WMP to open it, or another program.

When I select media player, it saves it to a buffer, then plays it.  That is normal media player operation.  So in that sense, yes, it is streaming.  Streaming is only crucial on very large files, which this one is not, there is essentially instant playback anyway.  But you cannot force stream if the user browser is set to ask first what to do with the file, as in mine and many other people's cases.
izziebellyAuthor Commented:
I forgot to give the url to the streaming video page

izziebellyAuthor Commented:
Thanks sciwriter

I had changed the code so that it pointed directly to the wmv file instead of the wvx files, so at the time that you had checked it out, it was no longer progressive streaming.

If you could guess, what would you says constitutes a large video file that would require streaming? I had noticed a real lag in playback time during congested internet hours.

Anyways, I appreciate knowing that it is normal to save the file to a buffer and then play it, whether streaming or not.

One quick question...... in your opinion, are javascript browser redirection scripts reliable? I want an enduser to be directed to a particuliar page depending on whether they are using Firefox, IE or Netscape. Any thoughts on this?

Free Tool: SSL Checker

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One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

<< during congested internet hours >>  happens with everything, even a simple site refresh.  Monitor your web host, if their server is consistently giving worse than usual latency, tell them to move your site to another server -- if they won't, consider another site like  When I got your file, it was fast.

<< are javascript browser redirection scripts reliable? I want an enduser to be directed to a particuliar page depending on whether they are using Firefox, IE or Netscape. Any thoughts on this?>>  SInce the new generation of browsers, these are less of an issue than they were 1 yr ago.

This is not STANDARD for the industry -- look at any big news site, they ALL use long complicated browser detect routines to add "pizzaz" (sometimes nuisance) to the browser.  Sites like  usuallly have great browser detect routines free for the downloading.

<< what would you says constitutes a large video file >>

Totally depends on DSL, cable or (ugh) dialup.  I have 3 megabit DSL, and your file came down in about 2 seconds.  I would say, it the user has to wait more than 15-20 seconds, you might consider breaking it up into two+ -- one part linking to the next -- so they can continue if they WANT to?

With streaming media of WMP files, you can't really worry about diapup people,  They are getting left in the dust, and most of them know anyway to go away and have a cup of tea while it downloads.

Good luck kiddo, you have a nice site, keep hackin' away at it.  Best.

oops -- sorry -- " This is NOW STANDARD for the industry -- look at any big news site..."
one letter made a big difference in that sentence, for sure...
izziebellyAuthor Commented:
You are the best! You have given me the confidence to proceed with  new technology(for me), insight into new territory and a compliment on top of it all.

I am with you on the  dial up users, ( they are getting left behind and are used to it). But I might offer them an alternative link to smaller files. Seeing that this is a site for a Christian Ministry, they might appreciate a little "neighborly love" :)
Thanks again
Actually Issie, while I was writing, I realized that almost NO other site on the net offers incremental downloads of PARTS of a movie.  This is a christian site, trying to do the best for people -- so you try doing that -- it will be a first.  In the first "movie" they get, give them just enough to be interested, and at the bottom of the page, a link to "get more of the story".  It might be a bit difficult at first to figure out how to get this right, but your programming so far shows great talent.  I have confidence you can probably figure it out in the end.  Best 2U always...
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