Check status of drives in a RAID 1 setup

Is there any way to check the status of each drive in a mirrored set without breaking the set.  I'm using a ITE GigaRAID IDE RAID controller with Gigaraid monitoring software on a windows 2000 server.  Windows is reporting bad sectors on the array, but how do I find out which drive could be the problem.
  Thanx for your help, I love this place ;)
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The raid controller and it's software should show you the status of the disks. It should also be capable of using the SMART data of the disks. Sometimes if windows is reporting bad sectors, that doesn't necessarily have to do with physical bad sectors on the disks. Sometimes this is due to errors caused by system crashes. I suggest you run a chkdsk X: / F /X /R. Replace X: with the drive letter of the partition you want checked. You'll have to perform a reboot, and the chkdsk runs during the startup procedure, so, depending on the size of the disks, will take some time.
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