How to add second Exchange server

I have Exchange 2003 server. It's a Standart edition so I am getting out of space (16Gb limit). I am planning to add second standart edition server and move some mailboxes there. Need to know answer for 2 question:

1) Do I have to create SMTP connector on the second server ?
2) Do I have to make one of them "Front end server" and have another one as "Back end" or they can work w/o it?

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spazztik69Connect With a Mentor Commented:
both servers can operate as seperate connected entities. normally one of them will handle the realying to the outside world but you can have them do that independently if they are seperated by slow links, etc. The exchange X.400 routing will handle the delivery, which should still be smtp, between the two boxes. I think you'll find that many of the settings like the SMTP connector will be inherited from the exchange site when you join the second server in.
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