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any good link to real Entreprise Network Design, please?

Hi experts,

I'm a student in Network Design class. I have done a project on Entreprise Network Design. HOwever, teacher never shows us whether it's right or wrong in the project's topology. THerefore i would really like to see real world example of Entreprise Network Design. Could anyone point out some good Links, please?

Another questions>> Do experts usually use a hub at all in a design?? Coz as far as my research go, it said hub is bumb, that's why i thought no one would use it. Anyway, hope to listen to your good advices,

Thank you Very Much :)
3 Solutions
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
While I don't know the teacher, it could be that s/he's looking for certain things in the project.  The environment itself often dictates how you do things and there could be a number of "correct" answers.  It might be like in appraising something.  In appraising, there is no right answer, only right methodology in coming to your conclusion.
Disigning Networks is always verry dependant on the situation in wich this network is disigned and for what purpose.

For instance to come back on the hub story, We have disigned a process network for the machines in the factory wich communicate with our ERP software. All Devices in this network communicate 10 Mbit HD, and we chose to place hubs here to guarantee that all "new" devices wont work unless they are 10Mbit HD.

There are so many reasons and situations that require your attention and a "good" sollution that all disigns that u might find on the net are basics like a Microsoft Model.

The bottomline is that, when u dont know what specific wishes u like or need to furfill u will not be able to disign, let use "other" disignes for that purpose.

What i can tell u is what guidelines we used to disign it.

1# Cable Lengths
2# Traffic / Subnet
3# Traffic / SW Core
4# Inteference 'EMC'
5# Bandwidths (10 - 100 clients / 100 - 1000 Core and servers)
6# NSPOF, No Single Point Of Failure (critical Components)
7# Maintanace ( is it all Controllable and at what cost )
8# BackBone Location (Where to get it all together)

There are many other wishes one could include, But these are the basics we used.

Gl on your disign

Regards Chris Gralike
sokhodomAuthor Commented:
leew and Chris,
Thank you very much for your explanation.
Yes, basically we need to design according to the requirement such as how many host, how many sub net etc. < that can be done but what i'm not sure of is that when do we need to use hub and bridge or switches?

I know this: we must connect Switches to the routers. but how about Hub or switches? That is why i'm looking for a graphic ( the layout of a REAL network).

Chris has point out a very very useful steps in designing the network. May i clarify, please...
>>3# Traffic / SW Core (what is SW??)
>>5# Bandwidths (10 - 100 clients / 100 - 1000 Core and servers) (what do you mean by the number of 10-100clients?) I thought the Bandwidth related to Ethernet, Fast ethernet or Gigabith ethernet that we use? I'm right?
>>8# BackBone Location (Where to get it all together) (may you explain a little more)

Thank you very much Chris :)

Leew, i always see people say "my 2 cents" What does that mean? hmm i know it's out of topic but it's very interesting to learn new slang :) hehe..
Thank you

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Simple search for "Network diagram" has MANY hits:

Network diagrams, especially for large organizations can be picturing just one area of the network.  For example, WAN links.  E-mail systems.  A DMZ.

My recommendation is to NEVER use hubs if you can avoid it.  They are old technology and switches are not comparble in price... even cheaper.  Then you have to determine where managed switches are warranted.

"my 2 cents" is essentially another way of saying "here's my opinion"  (I'm guessing you're not in the USA).

Check  http://www.ratemynetworkdiagram.com/index2.php

You can find a lot of real network designs and design proposals here graphically.



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