ActiveX or DLL that save bmp to jpg

Hello !

Please recomend to me library that get bmp and save it to jpeg file. In most case I will has bmp loaded in  vb picturebox or image and has to save them. Other most used task will be to show jpeg to picturebox.

I prefer to use DLL or ActiveX with no dependence, fast with good Visual Basic 6 sample. I use VB6 with SP5
It may be free or comersial but less than 50 USD.

If support jpeg 2000 will be best :)
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Erick37Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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dvplayltdAuthor Commented:
sk33v3 ( - some comments report memory leak when show more files. One of my task will be to browse for many pictures.

Erick37 ( - using Intel library is not good, beacuse Intel is NOT support anymore, using GDI+ from VB is hard task.

Erick37 ( looks good and now I test it
Have you considered using the old Kodak imgEdit/imgAdmin controls? It is shipped as part of the OS on all OS's Before win XP. Although to use it in XP its just a case of registering some OCXs.

Very easy to use, just two methods to load and save as.

Search for it in your VB IDE components tab, shows up as Kodak Image Edit \ Admin control.

Let me know if you need code samples
dvplayltdAuthor Commented:
RainUK  - install and register some OCX is NOT a problem. Can you give to me a link of it (i use WinXP with SP2) ?
The Kodak/Wang Image OCX Controls are installed as part of Imaging for Windows. In order to have a copy of the ActiveX OCXs to use in application development, Imaging for Windows must first be installed (if not already installed during the Windows installations). Imaging for Windows is an optional install during the Windows installation. If not already installed, Imaging for Windows can be reinstalled from the Windows installation CD.

For the more ambitious, the following is an advanced method of performing the install. This method is described in this eBook to provide information on the files required for Imaging for Windows to run. The description below is based on a Windows 2000 system. It should be similar for other Windows systems.

The following is a list of the required files for Imaging for Windows to run. The list is a combination of executables, OCXs, DLLs and the Help files: IMGADMIN.OCX, IMGCMN.DLL, IMGEDIT.OCX, IMGHELP.HLP, IMGMGT.CHM, IMGMGT.HLP, IMGSCAN.OCX, IMGSHL.DLL, IMGTASKS.CHM, IMGTHUMB.OCX, IMGVIEW.CHM, JPEG1X32.DLL, JPEG2X32.DLL, KODAKIMG.EXE, KODAKPRV.EXE, OIENG400.DLL, OIPRT400.DLL, OISLB400.DLL, OISSQ400.DLL, OITWA400.DLL, OIUI400.DLL, TIFFLT.DLL, XIFFR3_0.DLL

These files can be found in the \I386 folder on the Windows 2000 CD in a compressed format. The Extract command is required to expand the files. Alternatively, these files can be copied from an existing Windows 2000 system in the C:\Windows, C:\Windows\Help and C:\Windows\System32 folders. The executable files need to be copied into the C:\Windows folder, the Help files into the C:\Windows\Help folder and the OCXs and DLLs into the C:\Windows\System32 folder. Once the files have been copied into their respective locations, the ActiveX control files (i.e. the OCXs) need to be registered with the Windows operating system. This is performed using the regsvr32 command. Go to the Start | Run menu item. In the Run dialog box, enter the command “regsvr32 IMGADMIN.OCX” and press the OK button. Register the remaining OCXs: “regsvr32 IMGEDIT.OCX” “regsvr32 IMGSCAN.OCX” “regsvr32 IMGTHUMB.OCX”
dvplayltdAuthor Commented:
RainUK - thank you, but I do NOT want to install so many dllс and ocxs (because it will add some MBs to installation). And I suppose that such instalation is NOT legal on XP :)
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