Mail folder in Domino Administrator disappear

Dear experts,

I got a problem with my Domino Administrator. Of course, it works very fine, but after I deleted one user data base
it become a problem.

I can not see the Mail folder in the Domino\Data when I try to open the mail data base for my user
or in the Domino Adiministrator. Usually, when I open my Domino adminitrator and I go to Files tab
then I choose a server, I see the Mail folder in E:\Domino\Data, but now I couldn't see it.
Anyway, when I go to my server, the Windows 2000 server, and I browse to Domino\Data, the Mail folder is still there.

The Domino is still ok so far, it only didn't appear the Mail folder in Domino Administrator.

Please what happen to my Domino? what could I do?

I would very appreciated to all of your comments.

Best regards,
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Sjef, a little flaw in that logic.  You CAN see the titles of databases you don't have access to (except where a protected link file prevents you from seeing them -- not a common situation).  Also, it WILL show empty folders -- but, if you delete the last database in a folder, Domino will attempt to delete the folder as well, it doesn't liek to leave empty folders behind.

But I agree, Danny is mixing us up with the admin versus user client stuff.

    The "user file" -- I assume you mean mail database?
    The missing folder, I assume this is the MAIL folder in the Domino data folder?
    The missing folder -- I assume you mean that in the Notes client, you do:
        File -> Database -> Open
        Select the user mail server
        Scroll down to the ["folder name"] entries (e.g., doc, help, w32)
        You look for MAIL there but do not see it?
    I assume you CAN see the folder using teh FILES tab in Domino Administrator?

You may need to just cycle the server, it may have cached old infomration abou the directory structure.  If you know the file name, you can just type it in, e.g., in the bottom box, you can TYPE: mail\jdoe.nsf
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Can you provide some more information? What version of Domino and Notes?

Sometimes, pressing F9 will help to refresh the cache used by the Administrator. Or a compact of the workspace in the Notes client.
Do you have a "directory links" set up, i.e., files with a .DIR extension, anywhere in the Domino data folder tree?  Uuse Windows Explorer to check this.  I have on rare occasions seen Domino confuse itself about the entire directory structure when one of these is present.  Sometimes a Domino restart will do it, but sometimes, you must eliminate alll the .DIR files, make sure Domino is reading the folder structure properly again, then manually start recerating the links using Administrator's UI for that.
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dannycomAuthor Commented:
sjef bosman

Sure, I'm using Domino and Notes 6.5
Of course, I did the F9 or using cammand to refresh it but no result.


Sure, there is a new folder link but when I tried, it said there is already such folder.
For the .DIR extension, I couldn't see it.


I tell you why it comes to this.
Before it was working fine, but when I registered a user which is already in the Domino directory and then I replace the
old ID with the new one, then I deleted a old user database. After finished, I came to the user machine then inserted a new ID. After logging in, I right click on the Notes workspace and chose the Open Database and browsed to current domino server to open user mail database, but unfortunately, I couldn't see the Mail folder in the Current domino server.
I was very anxious, then I got to the Windows 2000 server which the Domino is runnig and browsed to see if the Mail folder was missing, but it's there. I only couldn't see in the Domino administrator UI. It's an unbelievable thing with my Domino.

I tried to restart even Domino itself or Windows 2000 server to get refresh but no result.

Please advise me more comments, what could I do with this?
Note: My e-mail users still working fine.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:

I'm sorry, it's very hard to understand what you're trying to say. Please be as short as possible, to avoid any misunderstandings.

> After finished, I came to the user machine then inserted a new ID.
What do you mean? Where does the new ID come from?

> I deleted a old user database
What user database??

> right click on the Notes workspace
At first, you said you had problems with the Administrator client. Now you're talking about the Notes client...

I assume this is the story:
- you re-registered a user in the Domino Directory (why??)
- you went with the new ID to his workstation
- you/he logged in with the new ID in the Notes client
- you/he couldn't open his mailfile

I think the following happened: you set a tight security on your system, and since the new user is NOT the old user (although they have the same name, they have a different ID!), he sees no database he can open. Folders without databases aren't shown. Make sure the user's mailfile can be opened by the new ID, so check the ACL please. There might also be an action in the Admin-database to do something with the user's mail database, you can check that as well.

What actually helped?
dannycomAuthor Commented:
Sorry for late responce.

The helpful point is that, I tried to map one of the user's database then I refresh it. You know before I mapped only the mail folder, but it didn't appear and this time I mapped the user's database and refresh the Domino then it appeared. I don't know why .
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