Autologon doesn't work any more

I have changed for security reasons the Administrator password from empty to a new not empty one. For the domain administrator and for the local administrator.
Next I checked all "everyone" accessable disk shares in the domain and changed "everyone" to "authenticated user".

Now I have a few problems which obviously all drill down to the point that the logon isn't automatically as b4 the changes. I have to logon manually: In explorer select the server and a popup comes up asking for user and pw.
After I have done that I could i.e. print.

One server handles all printqueues.
I could only print now after I have logged on manually.

Whats wrong?
How can I fix the problem?

I am logged in as a domain user. And I am a member of the domain admin group.
The net: W2k3 (with AD) server, W2K Server, XP and W2K workstations.

Juergen Loewner
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It sounds like your account is getting locked out.  Look on the Security Event Logs for the Domain Controllers in your Domain.  Verify that your account is not getting locked out.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
The simplest way to do this is use TweakUI which is part of the Microsoft power toys.

You can also hack this registry key

For details see
How to Enable Automatic Logon in Windows;en-us;315231&

And if that isn’t enough take a look here
Get Rid of the Logon Screen (95/98/ME/2K/XP)
JLoewnerAuthor Commented:
I guess the "autologon" is misleading.
I mean NOT the automatic logon when you start your machine.

I mean the process in the background: when you (try to) access a ressource on another computer of the domain you are authenticated in the background by checking the AD that you have the rights. You don't see that usually.
i.e.: if you access a share or a printer on another server/pc your logon credentials are checked in the background. You only realize it when you are not granted the access.

Hope this makes my problem more clear.

BTW: the problems do not arise on all machines.
Only two are affected. One W2K server and One W2K3 server.
So you can't pinpoint the problem to a specific OS.

Juergen Loewner
JLoewnerAuthor Commented:
To make it a bit more strange or to give you a hint more:

I could sit down at my pc and wait about half an hour and anything is fine:

I clicked abt every 5 min at the defiant pc's in my network in explorer and I am asked every time for my credentials.  I cancelled every time.

After about half an our I suddenly get my shares and printers when I click on the defiant maschines.

There is NO slow network!
The servers are all high end.

It worked fine before I changed Admins pw and replaced everyone with authenticated user in the disk shares.

Best guess to me is that the distribution of my login in the AD delays this. But I have no clue how to overcome this.
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