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is there a way to create an HTML view for all responses in Hierachy

I have a discussion database & I have created a view in the database that shows me the main documents & all their responses below it.

When I am in a discussion document , I want to see all the responses & response to responses within the document.

I created an embedded view which uses the document UNID & gets all the responses .

It works brilliantly , but now I need the ability to run a Javascript agent when they click on the link ...

I tried building the view in HTML but it just lists all the responses & does not put them into a hierachy .
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1 Solution
It's sometimes easiest to use the existing view and let domino handle the hard work. All you have to to is bend the links behind the column values.
Domino generates a <A HREF...> that doesn't do what you's like, right? Just start the column value with "[</A>]" and domino's link won't get active. It won't interfere whith the columns presentation as any ecblanks.gif's are kept in preceding code.
Next, construct your own link (still in the columns formula): "[<A HREF=\".....\" onClick=\"....\" class=\"....\">], folowed by the formula or field that is supposed to display the columns actual value.
Domino will take care of the </A> to close your link (actually that's the one intended for domino's original link).
Don't forget to display the view as HTML!
Same idea as CRAK's, but, iof you happen to have any column in the view, and teh hidden column is set to generate the links, then Domino will not autogenerate any links at all, and you won't need the starting [</A>].  You would probably need a closing one, though.
PParumanAuthor Commented:
You guys are great .... Thanks for the help.
You're welcome. Thanks for the points!

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