How do I configure a Mentor ADSL Router MR4A to allow access from the Internet to a PC connected to this router ?

My PC running a Linux web-server is connected to a Mentor ADSL Router MR4A at home.  When I'm at the office, I would like to access my PC using Internet Explorer, but I can only access the router on port 8080.
Additional information:
1) Home configuration:
- fixed LAN IP addr of the router:  Netmask:
- fixed LAN IP addr of the PC :  Netmask:
- WAN IP of the router: changes from time to time
2) Router configuration changes:
- I've tried PPPoA+NAT, then PPPoE+NAT, then Bridge mode, but I cannot see the PC with Port forwarding and Virtual servers:
- HTTP   Ext.port 80 to IP Int.port 80 (enabled)
- FTP     Ext.port 21 to IP Int.port 21 (enabled)
- HTTPS Ext.port 443 to IP Int.port 443 (enabled)
- Telnet  Ext.port 23 to IP Int.port 23 (enabled)
- FTP data Ext.port 20 to IP Int.port 20 (enabled)
3) I can access the Admin pages of the router from Internet with http://<WAN IP addr>:8080/
and so can modify the configuration as needed from the office.
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you would need to install a program that does this type of thing, i.e. pc anywhere  or even an FTP server.
then just forward the ports the software uses from outside to your pc.

or you could try somthing dangerous and silly, like forwarding the netBIOS port.
and trying to map drives..

hope that helps

What linux distro are you using? Many come with installed firewalls...

Also create an account with DynDNS or some similar, free service which will make it possible for you to connect to your system even if the IP changes.
Jacques77Author Commented:
Thankyou dr binks and rindi !

I am testing a setup to connect from the Internet to an Axis Video Server which serves 4 cameras using ADSL.  

dr binks:
The Linux platform is - I think - version 2.1.7 or something like that (the server model is an Axis 2400 v2.34 - see  

Thanks for the info: I will do just that !

So I can't really forward the netBIOS port (what port would it be ?)...

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You mixed us up, but no worries :-)

Anyway, netbios has nothing to do with linux, it is windows protocol. Actually what I wanted to know was the distribution, Redhat, Debian, Mandrake, but as it is a prebuilt system, it probably is some selfmade system. You will probably be able to configure everything via the webbrowser, including any firewall etc. So check that configuration. Or try getting help directly from axis.
Jacques77Author Commented:
Thankyou gentlemen !  What I ended up doing, was:

a) I enquired on the Internet for documentation about the Mentor router which I finally found, then applied dr binks' suggestion of port-forwarding (HTTP port 80);
b) I then created an account with as rindi suggested, and now everything works fine.

In fact, my initial problem was that I had no documentation on this router - your suggestions came in handy after I got the router info. And I am now using DynDNS as a replacement of fixed-IP.

Gentlemen: thankyou ! :-))

Thanx too, glad to help.
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