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how we write in text file, stored on remote computer through ASP

how we can write in a text file which is stored on a remote computer through ASP
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by remote computer, do you mean a computer which is NOT the one hosting the script?

if its the computer hosting the script, then it is treat as a client computer, since IT is running the script..

for another machine, i guess you would need to set something up especially..
> how we can write in a text file which is stored on a remote computer through ASP
You can't, unless you're giving shared access to this file; for obvious security reasons.
What about FTP? You could open an FTP connect, download, modify file to your liking, and upload it. Or you could setup a small server and have the sending ASP talk to the remote ASP (or PHP!) and have remote ASP make the changes.

Both of these are entirely possible.

Example ftp transfer program (keep in mind, I'm a linux/apache/php/mysql dork):

<%@ Language=VBScript %>
' FTP via ASP without using 3rd-party components
' Ben Meghreblian 15th Jan 2002
' benmeg at benmeg dot com / http://benmeg.com
' This script assumes the file to be FTP'ed is in the same directory as this script.
' It should be obvious how to change this (*hint* change the lcd line).
' You may specify a wildcard in ftp_files_to_put (e.g. *.txt).

' NB: You need to have C:\winnt\system32\wshom.ocx registered to use the WSCRIPT.SHELL object.
' It is registered by default, but is sometimes removed for security reasons (no kidding!).
' You will also need cmd.exe in the path, which again is there, unless the box is locked down.
' Check with your web host/resident sysadmin if in doubt.

Dim objFSO, objTextFile, oScript, oScriptNet, oFileSys, oFile, strCMD, strTempFile, strCommandResult
Dim ftp_address, ftp_username, ftp_password, ftp_physical_path, ftp_files_to_put

' Edit these variables to match your specifications
ftp_address          = "ftp.server.com"
ftp_username         = "username"
ftp_password         = "password"
ftp_remote_directory = "subdirectory" ' Leave blank if uploading to root directory
ftp_files_to_put     = "file.txt"

On Error Resume Next

Set oScript = Server.CreateObject("WSCRIPT.SHELL")
Set oFileSys = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

' Build our ftp-commands file
Set objTextFile = objFSO.CreateTextFile(Server.MapPath("test.ftp"))

objTextFile.WriteLine "lcd " & Server.MapPath(".")
objTextFile.WriteLine "open " & ftp_address
objTextFile.WriteLine ftp_username
objTextFile.WriteLine ftp_password

' Check to see if we need to issue a 'cd' command
If ftp_remote_directory <> "" Then
   objTextFile.WriteLine "cd " & ftp_remote_directory
End If

objTextFile.WriteLine "prompt"

' If the file(s) is/are binary (i.e. .jpg, .mdb, etc..), uncomment the following line
' objTextFile.WriteLine "binary"

' If there are multiple files to put, we need to use the command 'mput', instead of 'put'
If Instr(1, ftp_files_to_put, "*",1) Then
   objTextFile.WriteLine "mput " & ftp_files_to_put
   objTextFile.WriteLine "put " & ftp_files_to_put
End If

objTextFile.WriteLine "bye"

Set objTextFile = Nothing

' Use cmd.exe to run ftp.exe, parsing our newly created command file
strCMD = "ftp.exe -s:" & Server.MapPath("test.ftp")
strTempFile = "C:\" & oFileSys.GetTempName( )

' Pipe output from cmd.exe to a temporary file (Not :| Steve)
Call oScript.Run ("cmd.exe /c " & strCMD & " > " & strTempFile, 0, True)
Set oFile = oFileSys.OpenTextFile (strTempFile, 1, False, 0)

On Error Resume Next
' Grab output from temporary file
strCommandResult = Server.HTMLEncode( oFile.ReadAll )

' Delete the temporary & ftp-command files
Call oFileSys.DeleteFile( strTempFile, True )
Call objFSO.DeleteFile( Server.MapPath("test.ftp"), True )
Set oFileSys = Nothing
Set objFSO = Nothing

' Print result of FTP session to screen
Response.Write( Replace( strCommandResult, vbCrLf, "<br>", 1, -1, 1) )

imranlakhaniAuthor Commented:
i need to connect client computer to web server(host on site) and a gateway(which is a remote server):

message send/received process:
client computer---->web server----->gateway
gateway---->web server----->client computer

gateway has 3 text file
1. Out File
2. In File
3. Message File

client have destop application which connect to web server and through web server message send to gateway and viceversa.

how i send this file in xml format/string?

For XML format, just write out XML. I do think this is best handled in FTP. However, you can do it with Web. Just create programs on each end to do the processing.
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