Keep having to flush my DNS to get connection

Hi everyone, hope you can help.

I have a KDS laptop running XP Professional, with built in NIC card connected to CAT5 to a Netgear wireless/wired router connected to highspeed cable SEAGATE modem.
I feel the problem is with the laptop.

So continuesly I have to flush my DNS in order to receive a connection. I have WInsock Fix, in attempt to fix a possible corrupt Winsock Registry issue. I thought this helped, but it has returned. When I attempt to connect to the Internet, or Intranet, I can't get connected, run an ipconfig and I receive a valid IP address. Flush the DNS and I can then connect to the Internet and Intranet. Release and Renew won't fix the issue, only flushing the DNS.

When I am connected to the Internet, walk away for a moment and then return, I lose my connection again. At this time if I sit on a site too long, I lose connection (must flush DNS), or when I first attempt to connect to another machine on my peer to peer network (must flush DNS).
1. tried to release/renew = no help
2. Flushed DNS = temp help
3. running Winsock fix = longer temp help
4. uninstall NIC card = can't,  it errors out upon attempting to uninstall in device manager

Anyone got any ideas what's causing this, or what I may have overlooked in troubleshooting the issue?
El ConquistadorSenior DBAAsked:
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JoesmailConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to update all your system files.  This has occurred before and running system file checker corrected the issue.

Goto your command prompt:  Start > Run > CMD and type the following command.  


You will probably need a copy of XP handy.
El ConquistadorSenior DBAAuthor Commented:
Oh, I ran HijackThis - system is clean
ran Virus Scan with Avast (updated Defs) - clean
ran spybot S&D - clean

You can also try re-initiallizing your TCP stack:

From a command promtp:  netsh int ip reset [log_file_name]
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How is the netgear router setup? Do you get a dynamic ip from the cable provider? On the Lan side, are you using static IPs or is your netgear router serving the lan as a DHCP Server?
Double check your DNS settings on that network adapter.  If you're pulling all IP info from your DHCP server, make sure that it is setup accordingly in the DNS settings.  If you have a static IP for DNS, make sure you get a good connection.

Also, did you recently upgrade to SP2??
El ConquistadorSenior DBAAuthor Commented:
Rindi - on the router I have a static IP from the ISP
The machines on the network have static IPs

HoLoCroNs - Checked the router all is set up originally, rebooted router - same issues
Have a good connection - disconnecting CAT5 Cable the system recognizes that a network has been removed. Plugging the CAT5 back in = same issue. Only flushing the DNS resolves the issue.

 I think Joesmail may have been correct. Kept this IE window open while I ran the System File Checker and the I was able to reload the page when the SFC was complete. That something I haven't been able to do before.

Oh, and I defragged the system last night - same issue this morning.

I want to try re-initiallizing your TCP stack as mentioned by Genexen. I will let you all know how it turns out.
For your tcp/ip properties, have you setup the dns servers of your ISP? Is there a hosts file on that PC which may have some incorrect settings?
El ConquistadorSenior DBAAuthor Commented:
Wow, re-initializing the TCP stack was a wrong step - I lost all connectivity and flushing the DNS didn't even work after that. I had to restore the machine to a restore point of yesterday. I think the answer was sfc /scannow

rindi - all host files have been inspected and appear to be in order.
El ConquistadorSenior DBAAuthor Commented:
I ran system file checker again, and now I'm up and running without any issues, or having to flush the DNS.
Thanks -
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