Report with rtf ?


I want to create a small report which shall be displayed on the sceen and printed on the standard printer (windows). To use the report generator seems to be a bit "too big" to me. Necessary are italic, bold, underline with 10 and 12 point letters (ariel and courier).

1.)  Is it a good idea to use rtf for this purpose ?
2.)  If so, what would be the right way ?  To use an rtf-memo to bring the elements of the text together ?
3.)  if so, how to print the fomatted text ?

Thank you,
K.-P. Becker

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It depends on how large of a project your contemplating.

TRichedit would be ideal for simple reporting if you want to just throw it some simple text and then format the texts attributes and print

You use the TRichEdit's Print function

However, Quick Reports is another solution.......

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