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HP computer will not boot up.

Hi there,

I am new to experts exchange.  Please bear with me.  I have totally messed up an hp 553x computer.  I went to reinstall the os (XP Home) from the i386 folder (WINNT32.exe).  The first ime I did it, I didn't pay attention and clicked it on through.  Well it loaded into the D: drive, which is also the same drive as recovery and it didn't have enough space to load everything up.

As you know, hp doesn't have recovery disks, just the partition on the computer.  This is a work computer, not mine.  I don't have a clue when it was bought, who bought it etc...

Anyways.  I went to reinstall it again, and like a fool, I deleted the "D" partition and installed it over the windows on the C: drive.

I have been not been able to boot the computer since. All I get is a blinking cursor.  I have tried to repair it with other xp cd's, I even bought it to a computer tech who said the os is either corrupt or not there.

He says he could put a new os in and it should work (for a fee of course).  I have tried that myself, and not matter what is tried, you cannot finish installation.  It always goes back to the blinking cursor.

I thought maybe someone here can give me some sort of advice.  I was going to throw it out the window, but I live in Florida and we all live in single story homes.  Just not much of an impact, ha,ha.  

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1 Solution
When you boot up your computer make sure you go into the BIOS and make sure you have the first boot device to your CD rom drive. After that save your settings and exit. You will want to make sure the windows XP cd is in your drive. It will then ask you if you would like to boot from the cd so hit your space bar. It will then take you to the windows setup. It will ask you if you want to install a new copy of windows or repair it click install new copy. You will probly want to delete your partitions and start off fresh reformat the drives etc. Unless you have data on there that you need to get off of the drives.

catsterAuthor Commented:
Thank You Joe,

I guess I forgot to mention that I already did all that.  Many times.  Deleting my partitions is how this all happened.  Ever since, I haven't been able to boot up.  I can boot from the cd, but that 's all.  Then it just goes to the blinking cursor.  I have even tried changing the bios boot back to ide first to boot the hard  drive to no avail.

I don't have a fresh copy of xp for the hp.  I do have an xp upgrade, I tried that , (and  I was planning to delete it, just wanted to see if it would work), but it still wouldn't boot.  Just a blinking.

I have no data that I need to save.  How do you reformat the drives?  Maybe that would help.  


I am affraid that when you deleted the partition you lost all the data on that partition.
The solution would be a new install of XP with a fresh copy.
You can not do it with upgrade.
Get yourself a windows 98 boot diskette (http://www.bootdisk.com/bootdisk.htm)
Insert the diskette and at command prompt type FDISK.
How to proceed :

When you have disk partitioned then yaou must format master boot record:

Then format the partitions:
at command prompt type :
format C:  (and D: and so on if you have extended partitions)

But to install XP you need the CD.If you get it tell me and I'll walk you through...
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catsterAuthor Commented:
Hi Senad,

Why a 98 boot diskette? does xp not have one?  (Sorry for sounding so green, I'm not used to os problems) - thank you

It does not have the features win 98 has (Good old DOS).
Win XP boot diskettes are 6 !
catsterAuthor Commented:
Oh Ok,

I will try it tonight and see what happens.  And let you know senad.
Thank you..
catsterAuthor Commented:
Hi senad,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you.  (Weekend, kids, etc,,)  I wanted to tlet you know, it is fixed!  Yey!

I made the boot disk like you suggeted.  Initially I fixed the master boot and then did it again with cmbr, (yes I know I only have one dirve).  Just to do it.  While I was in DOS I did all the system checks and what not.  Of course these didn't work, ha,ha.

Then I reformatted the C: drive.

When I went to reinstall the windows again, (for the umpteenth time), it still said there was an old os system on the computer.  This time however, when it went to reformat (the windows cd) it took about a half hour as opposed to the usual 2 minutes.  Viola!!  It restarted into windows, and works great!!

I would like to give all the points to you.

Thank you so much, I really felt bad about it because I never crashed a computer before.  I will be sending for the hp recovery disks thuogh, he,he..


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