Permission denied for relation, Can't view newly created table in Webmin

I received some SQL commands to execute in order to create tables for a report that my Director is wanting.  I executed the commands in Webmin on the server and I cannot see the tables it created.  When I go to the report and set location in Crystal Reports, I can see the tables there and set the location. When I run the report I receive the error " ODBC error: ERROR: permission denied for relation (table name)".  The tables are owned by public. The same thing happens in Access.  I have tried changing my ODBC connection settings.  It seems like it might need to change some "granted privileges" but I can't see the tables to do so.  Any help would be appreciated. - Ken
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earth man2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
execute SQL command

grant select on cw_service_request_view to public;
kenalexander321Author Commented:
I have discovered that the SQL statements that were executed just created a new view on an existing table.  Here is an example of one of the statements:

create view cw_hd_service_request_view as
select cast('Received' as varchar(30)) as status, hti_key, hti_created_date from cw_hd
union all
select cast('Completed' as varchar(30)) , hti_key, hti_created_date from cw_hd where hti_status = 'Completed'
union all
select cast('Still Open' as varchar(30)), hti_key, hti_created_date from cw_hd where hti_status not in ('Completed')

but I'm am still lost as far as a solution. - Ken
kenalexander321Author Commented:
Thank you very much. It solved the problem and the report works great. My weekend will be much better now. - Ken
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