Adding .domain to user profile randomly

There are a few computer on the domain that are having this problem.  When the user, JDoe logs in, the have a profile created.  Works great.  However, sometimes when JDoe signs on a new profile is created, JDoe.myDomain.  The same person now has two profiles.  


Is there a way to stop this from happening?

By the way, the machines having this problem are running Windows XP, on a win 2000 server.

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There's two situations in which that could happen:

1.  A local user JDoe logs in (\\PC\JDoe). He gets the JDoe profile.
    then, \\Domain\JDoe logs in. He gets the JDOe.domain profile.  
    It may be the same person, but for the system, \\PC\JDoe is one user and \\Domain\JDoe is another.

2. \\Domain\JDoe logs in.  He gets the JDoe profile.
    The account JDoe is deleted from the domain.
    The account JDoe is re-created at the domain.
    \\Domain\JDoe logs in. He gets a new profile (JDoe.domain).
    Again, it could be the same person, but for the system, is two different accounts, so it creates two different profiles.

Make sure this is not what is happening to you and post back. If none of this applies, then there's a problem somewhere.

There's a third case, although it is more obscure:

3. \\Domain\JDoe logs in. He gets the JDoe Profile
    The profile is deleted from the registry. But the folder c:\documents and settings\JDoe is left there.
    \\Domain\JDoe logs in. No reference is found in the registry is found, so a new profile needs to be created but the folder name is used, so the new name JDoe.domain is created.

Look in my computer->properties->advanced -> user profiles (click settings)
if you see two lines like:
Domain\JDoe...  then is one of the first two cases

If you only see one line:
Domain\JDoe ...    then is probably the third case

If you see two lines with the same name:
Domain\JDoe...  something is really wrong!!  :(

That was wrong. Here's the right way to see it:

two lines (PC\JDOe & DOmain\JDoe) is the first case

two lines (Domain\JDoe & Unknown acccount) is the second case

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