ISA 2004 Enterprise Array Issue - Node2 can't contact the configuration server - Event ID 21238

Hi All,

need some help with this for one of my colleagues please! :)

We have the following Win 2003 domain based environment:

** ISA 2004 Enterprise Edition running on Windows 2003 set up as an ISA array with 2 members.
** Both members OS installed fine and ISA installed (with both firewall and proxy enabled) and configured ok as per the MS ISA quick install guide.
** Node1 installed as both ISA Configuration Storage Server & ISA array member & Node2 just with ISA as an additional array member.
** Internal LAN and external LAN Nics load balanced as per MS ISA guide
** Both members have adequate resources (processor/RAM/HDD/NICs etc) so no bottlenecks there.

* Node1 works fine (allows browsing out to internet etc)
* Node2 does not work (ie if we stop firewall service on Node1 we cannot browse to internet via Node2 as would be expected given it is an array member)
* Node 2 can't be administered through the ISA mmc - hour glass's for a while then errors saying can't see the configuration storage server - only clue is logged in application log Event ID: 21238 (see below)

Event ID: 21238
Source: Microsoft ISA Server Control
Category: None
Type: Warning
Computer: Node
(Application Log)

ISA Server cannot connect to the Configuration Storage server for one of the following reasons:
- The Configuration Storage server is not available.
- General networking or authentication issues.
- A policy misconfiguration on the array.
For information on resolving these issues, see "Troubleshooting installation and connectivity" in the ISA Server help or
For more information, see Help and Support Center at


scratching my head as our config looks ok and I couldn't find anything online anywhere!

any help greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance!

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ncronesAuthor Commented:
Have solved the issue:

If you have the ISA 2004 configuration storage server on the same server (eg Node 1) as an ISA 2004 array member (vs on a separate DC or server) the other member of the array (eg Node 2) will have issues resolving the internal LAN IP of the array (eg Array 1) using DNS - solution is to add a host entry to the hosts file on Node B pointing to Node A with the internal IP address of the Array.

hope that assists people


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