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this was suggested:
Or you could buy a raid card since reconstructing a raid array takes place in the bios it should rebuild the array with the bad drive as the master source, it would copy it over and then brake the mirror and your gold

just a thought


Could we expand that a little? both from is it feasible & how to?

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If you RAID the drive as a RAID-1 array (mirrored) you'll get a second drive that will be an exact duplicate of the origional.  That however is NOT what I would do.  If your drive is going out, your best bet is probably to use Symantec Ghost to build a copy.  Building a RAID array takes longer than building a GHOST clone and is more stressful on the drive, decreasing the chance for recovery.

RAID is something that is usually done on SCSI drives, which are faster but more expensive than IDE drives.  Some modern MoBos though support RAID on IDE drives, and Windows XP/2000 support RAID on ANY drive.  Hardware-based RAID is better than software-based, so if your MoBo supports RAID (or you have SCSI), hardware-based is the way to go.

I would stress though that RAID is a fault-tolerance system rather than a recovery system.  While it may be possible to use RAID to recover data from a hard drive with minor damage, really RAID is designed to prevent the loss of damage in the first place by spreading your data across multiple drives such that your system won't lose data if any one drive fails.

Symantec GHOST on the other hand is a wonderful program for retrieving data quickly from drives that are already starting to fail.  I've had drives that were too far gone to use Ghost, but I've never had a drive fail DURING a Ghost session.  And if Ghost won't retrieve your data, RAID won't do it either...

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