MOM 2005 on Windows 2003 - Virtual domain based MOM 2005 Server monitoring physical workgroup based servers!

Hi All,

another weird one that I am having an issue with that someone maybe able to help with...


* Windows 2003 physical servers set up in a workgroup as underlying network
* Virtual Server environment running on the above in MS Virtual Server 2005 instances on each box
* Windows 2003 Domain installed in Virtual environment
* Virtual environment NICs can see physical one and vice versa
* MOM 2005 installed on 2 MS Virtual 2005 servers - one as Mgt Server and second as SQL DB Server
* MOM running fine and monitoring virtual servers


* attempting to monitor the physical servers in workgroup from MOM installed on virtual server
* normal agent install doesn't work (as expected if attempting to monitor non domain servers) so manually installed MOM agent on physical server in workgroup - install states can't resolve MOM Mgt Group
* DNS and WINS have records for virtual and physical environments
* you can ping by names from both environment

any help greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance

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Have you opened required ports on firewalls?
ncronesAuthor Commented:
Hi joedoe

no firewalls running in the virtual server LAN topology so that's not an issue.


ncronesAuthor Commented:
solved it - FYI it was tied to a combination of issues:

global settings on MOM 2005 server (set in MOM Admin Console):

1) security settings - when these are changed you need to phsyically stop and restart the MOM service and/or restart the Mgt Server. Changing the settings and doing a commit changes etc is not enough you need to restart to fully apply the updated settings - particularly mutual authentication changes.

2) management servers properties - on the agent install tab the "reject new manual agent installations" needs to be unchecked if you have a mixed environment like in our case with workgroup based as well as domain based servers to be monitored. this prevents MOM detecting non domain based (ie manual) installs of the client agents.

hope this helps you out and saves you some headaches!

Good for you :-)
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