declare a string of fixed length

how do you declare a string of fixed length?

Dim myStringVar as String _____

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A string is a data type, and as far as I know of, you are not able to set a size.
Basically, if you want to specify a exact size, you could create a Char array.

You could also just programatically allow a specific sized string to be entered into the variable.
<VBFixedString(15)> Private YourStringName As String
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brokeMyLegBikingAuthor Commented:
All the <VBFixedString(15)> does is indicate that the string should be fixed length, it doesn't enforce it.

I would likea a way to force an error to be thrown if the wrong string length is assigned.

jong3, how do I declare a char array and assign values to it?

Corey ScheichDeveloperCommented:
Check this PAQ

I posted an example of how you could create a fixed lenght string class also.

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