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One of my users has returned to me a 7230, and as hard as I try I cant find a way to fully wip it of all data.

I have removed the battery, and paper clipped the little hole, but this still doesnt clear the contacts and calendar of the unit.

Any advice welcome
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Install the desktop manager software on a desktop and connect the 7230 to it.
Open the desktop manager and click on the "backup and restore" icon.
Click the "advanced" button.
That will bring up a two-paned window in which the software will survey and list all the handheld databases in the right-hand pane.

When it has finished listing the databases, highlight those you want to get rid of , and then click the "clear" button.
That's all there is to it.
StuartWhyteAuthor Commented:
That did the trick.  Thank you
If the Handheld version is prior to 4, another trick is to goto Options, Security, Enable a password, lock the keyboard from the main screen, put in a wrong password 10 times.  The device will automatically reset.

If the Handheld version is 4, then goto Options, Security, click to Enable a password, the pop-up menu will have an option called Wipe Handheld.

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