Can I upgrade the OS from 2000 Server to 2003 on Exchange 2000 Entrprise Edition?

Can I upgrade the OS from 2000 Server to 2003 on Exchange 2000 Enterprise Edition?  IS there an upgrade path or is it a full install?  Naturally I would backup before attempting but wanted to be positive that an upgrade option was available.  If yes, then are there any tricky things to watch out for?
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So you want to upgrade the Server OS while leaving Exchange intact?

I don't know of any upgrade paths...personally I would do this as a "clean install" to avoid any post-upgrade pitfalls.  A little extra work now would probably save me many headaches down the road.
no you definetly can NOT do this,,, just look at the system requirments for exchange 2000, it doesn't include windows 2003.  How could it?  windows 2003 didn't even exist when exchnage 2000 was written.

Genexen's solution of a clean install will not work either since exchange 2000 can ONLY run on Windows 2000 server, not windows 2003 server.

The above answer is wrong.  Exchange 5.5 can not run on Server Windows 2003 but Exchange 2000 CAN work in Windows 2003.  You can do an inplace upgrade from windows 2000 to windows 2003.  Only after you have done this can you do an inplace upgrade to exchange 2003.  Exchange 2003 will only work on windows 2003 do to its unique connection to active directory. Just remember to backup, backup and backup.
sorry eatme,, but you are 100% incorrect.  

1.  why are you talking about exchange 5.5,,,, its not mentioned anywhere in the question?
2.  exchange 2000 cannot and will not run on windows 2003 server, how could it possibly be written for an OS that didn't even exist at the time?  Did the programmers have a crystal ball and predict what the future would be?  There is no such thing as forward compatability.  Looking at the system requirements for exchange 2000 proves this.  Exchange 2000 can only be installed on a windows 2000 server.
3.  you say that " Exchange 2003 will only work on windows 2003"  again 100% wrong. Exchange 2003 is backward compatable  with windows 2000, this is called backward compatability. most programs are backward compatable for obvious reasons.   The link below is staight from MS and clearly says that exchange 2003 is supported on a windows 2000 server:

the DOMAIN has to be 2003, not the server where exchange is physically installed.

read the question,, he isn't asking anything about upgrading exchange to 2003, only the OS to 2003, which you can't do b/c it isn't supported. As always, read the system requirments before doing an install and it will save you time and headaches.

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I agree with mikeleebrla.  During the upgrade process to 2003 server you will go through a series of setups that will allow you to convert your 2000 exchange boxes to the 2003 boxes.
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