SBS 2003 logon locally

Under Small Business Server 2003, can you grant a group or a user permission to "logon locally"?  I could do this under NT 4.0 but I haven't been able to find the equivalent under SBS 2003.

Thanks in advance.
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luv2smileConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Now if you are talking about just allowing a domain user the right to "log on locally" to the DC in the sense that they can sit down at the console and log in then you need to change the local security policy in the default domain controllers group policy.

The setting is under:

computer config- windows settings- security settings- local policies- user rights assignment

"allow log on locally"
SBS must function as a domain controller and there is no ability to logon locally for a domain controller because there is no local security database. You must log onto the domain.
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