Possible to run R5.x on Redhat ES 30 and above?


Has anyone Domino R5.0.X running on Redhat 7.2 or above? More specifically on "RedHat ES 3.0"?

Should it be a working config? No matter what version of RH I use I keep on getting error-messages when I fire up the httpsetup.

It's something like "Addin: Agent Error "ExitSetup". Agent message: cannot create object.

Other attemps for an install with this config keep on complaining about the "libstdc++-libc6" file (?). What is it in fact? Is it a package I don't have installed? What ca I do about it.

When I know someone has it working I know it makes sense to keep trying, but maybe it's some kind of impossible combination. At least Lotus doesn't list it as an official supported config. So I'm not sure.

And one more thing that I don't seem to be able to figure out is: who must be the owner of the directories in /opt/lotus/ and /local/notesdata?

Should these be also owned by notes? Does the notes-user needs to have any extra privelages?

Anyway, thanx a lot in advance for any help or helpful hints.

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The notes account should own /local/notesdata.  Can't hurt to own /opt/lotus either.  Make sure you have shut down all non-essential listeners.  If you run iptables, that can also cause problems, because it can effectively make ports seems as if they are already occupied.

Check out:
    http://notes.net/46dom.nsf/-/88bc10842d1c271485256d960019b208 - second response
    http://notes.net/46dom.nsf/-/4039fecad3c03ed985256c720001b202 - responses:

gert5142Author Commented:
According to these posts, it seems some other folks have probs with tis combination.

But even though I install 6.5x I have the error regarding the "libstdc++--libc6". I tried to do what someone suggeted on a post in a forum and linked this name to another lib (which was in fact the same one (??)) . Still that didn't resolve the issue.

When I "rpm -q packages" the 2 libs seperately it displays a version that shoould work. But I'm not quiet sure what Lotus means by: "...More importantly, the distro must follow the libstdc++-libc6 naming convention."
I'm not sure whethet that condition is true.
During install I just installed everything under "Development-tools". According to the documentation this should include the necessary libraries.
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Dunno, like you said, it is not supported.  Can you try iton a different distro, doc your exact steps, and try it again on ES3?
gert5142Author Commented:
That's the thing. The server IS running ES3.

In one of the SUSE posts there's something mentioned about the compat-something rpms. These are rpms that should relink the old-names back to new libraries (IF I understood that right). But on rpmfind.net I can only find them up to RH9.

How can I get hold of them for ES3 (if they exist at least)?
gert5142Author Commented:
Eventually, we found the solution ourselves. This is what we had to do to get R5 running on RH ES3:

1. The JVM needs libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2. This file is by default not included in ES3. You have to do the following:
- find the file named "libstdc__-2-libc6.1-1-2.9.0.so" [1] (probably somewhere on the internet)
- copy the file to /usr/lib
- create a symlink for "libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2" to file [1]

From now on http will start without errors on the console!

2. Workaround for the memory stack issue which Java cannot handle
Add the following variables to your bash profile

Reboot the machine and the server setup will finish without the nasty errors.

To re-run the server-setup change the "?EditDocument" to "?DeleteDocument".


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