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Very odd ICS Problems!!

Hi all.

Current LAN setup:

   < Internet >   --------   [ Machine 1 (ICS Host) {FW} ]   ----  [ Hub ]  ----  [ Machine 2 ]
                                                                                              ----  [ Machine 3 {FW} ]

All three machines are Windows XP SP1's. The internet is 1mbps ADSL. It's an ethernet topology. The network is NAT.

Machine 1 & 2 can access the Internet with no problems at all.. But Machine 3, is very strange....

It can use FTP, POP3/SMTP and ICMP fine; no problems at all.. But, for some very strange reason, it is having very odd problems with HTTP: It can load Google.com fine; and can go throughout the site, but it cannot load any other pages.. except for one page, which downloads the code and images, but displays nothing on screen!!
Now, it would seem that there's something up with Machine 3 (which is a laptop), but the thing is, the internet on Machine 3 works fine, when connected to another Network.. So it must be something to do with the Network setup, surely??

I have set the MTU on all of the machines to 1402.

We've disabled the firewall on Machine 3, and enabled *all* traffic in and out of Machine 3 on the Firewall installed on the ICS host; but same problem!!

We've scanned for viruses with Ad-Aware; found just a couple of items, which we have removed -- but made no difference.

Anyone got any ideas? This is incredibly strange: So, we're open for any suggestions.

6 Solutions
Which OS are you using on PC1 and 3? can you run an ipconfig /all on both and post the results here?
If you switch machine 2 and 3 on the hub does M3 still have the problem or M2?
Why not just simplify this problem with the use of a 20 dollar router?

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Gary GordonSolution IntegratorCommented:
Sounds like DNS problem or a corrupt browser.  Maybe check for spyware/virus.
Gary GordonSolution IntegratorCommented:
Try another Internet Browser and see if you can look at the Internet.  If you can, then you know that your IE browser is corrupt/misconfigured and you have to fix it:

Download Mozilla Firefox:


If you think your browser is damaged, use System Restore to back the machine to a date before the problem started.

Also consider a repair of the present IE browser, see instructions:


Shut the laptop down.  remove the NW card,  reboot it. Go into network neighborhood, properties, and everything that is there -- just wipe it out, until all devices and protocols are gone.  Shut down, then reboot.  Now, while running, plug the NIC back in, and watch the detect.  Make sure it all goes back in anew.  Reset the right domain, computer name, password, login, whatever.  You have just totally wiped out and refreshed the TCP/IP stack and all the TCP handling protocols.  This should fix it, if not, say so.
InteractiveMindAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone.

I had a quick check of the Network settings on the Laptop, while my older brother (the owner of the laptop) was out.. I discovered that for some reason, the LAN on his laptop, was set to run via a Bridge .. ??
Anyways, I "unbridged" it, and that fixed it!! lol. Strange.

Despite this, I really appreciate all help, so I'll split the points equally.

Thanks all.

thanks, too.

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