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PC freezes when initializing video capture

I recently installed the "V-Stream Video Magician" in my custom built PC. I have tried a few differnt video capture programs under both XP sp2 and WIN2K sp4. In every attempt to capture video the computer freezes.

My machine is built on a soyo p4i firedragon motherboard. Processor is 1.6 P4, 768mb ram.
The capture card as listed in device manager is:  Conexant TV88X.
No conflicts or warnings showing up in device manager.
The machine is over 3 yrs old and has been stable and problem free under many different OS's and hardware configurations.

I'm simply at a loss as to how to determine the cause of this behavior.

Where do I begin to troubleshoot this problem?
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I think that there are two things that could cause this: a defective capture card, or a bad driver for that card.  You can try searching for a better driver on the manufacturer's website.  Unfortunately, if it's a defective card, there's not much you can do except try a different capture card.
N_T_HAuthor Commented:
I am afraid that this is the answer. I have tried updated driver from the manufacturers site, and that didn't change anything. I will have to look into returning and exchanging the capture card.
See if the card works with other cards removed, as to make sure its not a confliction issue.  But agree with you, think the problem is likely to be with the card.
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Hold a sec.  When you are doing video capture, the Audio card and the Video card are used usually at the same time (unless your video capture card has its own sound input)  A big problem with these (yes even in windows XP) are IRQ conflicts which do not display in Device Manager because of the IRQ routing that windows tries to use to bypass.  If the video card shares an IRQ with any other device escpecially the sound card, that can cause that problem but not show up as a conflict.  The best way to decipher whats going on is to change the type of ACPI your are using and verify IRQ and DMA ports.  One way to do this (this will force the reloading of all drivers) is to change the COMPUTER type under device manager from ACPI   to   Standard Computer.  You can do this by updating driver and selecting one manually.  This will reload all the drivers but rely on the bios to negotiate IRQ and DMA (which it already does anyway, just windows hides it with routing which hardly ever works).  You can then begin to change either settings in the BIOS and/or switch card locations to verify no conflict occurs.  Sometimes this will require the disabling of devices in the BIOS or windows to get working depending on motherboard.  I would check this before replacing the card and experiencing the same problem.
A third, but possible scenario, is that the card is somehow incompatible with your motherboard or other PCI cards.  This is a low probability, but if you exchange the card and the new card has the same symptoms, this may be the reason why.  I have heard of some capture cards having a problem with certain motherboards, and I have a capture card that doesn't like one of my other PCI cards - it works fine by itself in another machine.  You can test for this by taking the card out and putting it in another machine (w/o other PCI cards).

Do you have DirectX and dot-net-framework installed?  Either or both may be required PRIOR TO driver installation.  Also, there is a separate set of Microsoft "WDM Capture Drivers" that are required for video capture devices, these are Microsoft drivers, and they are generic and not device specific, but they usually come with the capture devices (if you don't have them, you can download them from the ATI web site, where they are avaialble for the ATI "All-in-Wonder" cards that do video capture).  Also, some video capture devices require installation of the Microsoft "Windows Media Encoder" which, again, is a generic Microsoft component that is often required as a pre-requisite for various video capture devices.  Usually, all of this stuff comes with, and is installed by, video capture devices.  Usually, but not always.
<< I'm simply at a loss as to how to determine the cause of this behavior >>

Determine the cause?  Use this strategy --

1. make sure you have the LATEST drivers for this device from the internet.  It will need XP PRO to run it, if you are using 98 or something like that, forget it
2.  If it still does not work with the latest drivers -- AND -- you are running XP pro, then --
3.  Change MBs.  You can also try a CLEAN XP PRo install, just to make sure your old one isn't corrupt.
4.  If you want to try that, install XP pro anew in a directory called WINDOWS.TST, something like that.

Nothing is un-debuggable.
One last ditch effort b4 u say the card is bad.

Put the card on a Win98 based system and after installing drivers try and capture. I have a similar BT848 card with the same problem u have. No driver works but the moment i put it on a Win98 system and it works like a charm. Try it out b4 u send the card back.

N_T_HAuthor Commented:
I have contacted the online vendor and recieved a return authorization.
Not sure how to award points because I learned alot from the different comments, but I have exhausted my options.
I have onhand images of WIN98, WIN2k, and XP pro all of which are completely up to date (dot net dx 9c etc...). And I had the exact same results under all three environments. I have to assume either a bad card or an incompatability with my particular motherboard. I'm not in a postion to change motherboards on this system, so I will probably go for an external USB device without the TV tuner (which I wasn't really planning on using anyway). That should avoid any compatability problems I hope.

Thank you all for your help.
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