Connecting two sites under one router

We have two locations for our company, company A is the where the main headquarters is located.  The firewall and router etc.  Company B has a point to point router connected to company A.  Within the next 6 months we will be moving the entire company under one location where Company B is located.  Company A and Company B uses 2 different IP addresses.  My question is what I can do in order to connect both company A and B to one router and use 2 different sets of IP addresses.  We need both sets because we have people from outside the US and around the US that connect to us.

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VPN is probably the best way to go with this, since this will encapsulate all data through HTTP and allow your IP's to be destinctly different, and yet connect to the same lan.  I would look into VPN routers (like the hackable wrt54g).
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminCommented:
-I agree VPN would be the best option.
An excellent resource would be Check this for more info:
But if you are more inclined towards a third party product then the best and latest available are:
Thanks hope that helped
You need some way to get your addresses delivered to your site B location.

If you will use the same provider at site B as you currently use at site A, they need to update their routing tables when they install your service at site B.

If you will use a different provider, and you're relying on addresses supplied by your current provider as part of your service, then you will need to get new addresses (probably from the new provider) and update your published DNS information to reflect them.

IF you own these addresses (and the ASes that they're part of), you need to arrange to advertise them over BGP via your provider at site B, and get the provider at site A to stop advertising them.

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Is it a programmable router? You could easilly add those two interfaces on your router and forward the infos on the correct serevr, depending which IP is asked.
Roger AlcindorCommented:
You can use one LAN at site B and one router; configure the router LAN port to have a secondary IP (network) address. The router LAN port will have two IP addresses and will automatically route traffic between the two LAN IP networks assuming that the router's LAN port IP addresses are set as the default gateway address on the PC's.
Assuming these are private IP ranges - You could simply have two VLANs at the combined site - one for A network and one for B network.  Then, assuming you can still reach them through the combined sites ISP - it would be pretty easy.  

If there's a problem reaching them over the Internet, see PennGwyn's comment.
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