Business Contact Manager says it doesn't have the form?

I keep having this problem with my Outlook Business Contact Manager when I try to open a contact it says it doesn’t have the form and I can’t view the history for the contact.  The Contact is in there when I add it, then every time I shut down I loose this “form” and start getting the error message. System Restore seems to fix this, however, I’m doing a system restore at least once a day. Any suggestions?
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mftealConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It could be a problem with the forms cache. Try deleting frmcache.dat *and* all the subfolders in the Forms folder

If that doesn't work, this may help:

1. Export the business database (File->Business Database->Export)

2. Delete the existing business database (File->Data File management->Business Contact Manager->Remove)

3. Make a new business database (File->Data File Management->Add->Business Contact Manager database)

4. Import the business database back (File->Business Database->Restore->[look for the backup you made in step 1])

THis should restored all of your business contacts with their history and the form should now work.
JFowlerjrAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help in advance.  Deleting the cache works temporarly, it is something that I have to do often.  As far as Exporting the Business Database, where should I be exporting it to?  There are only a few options to where I can export it.  Any advice?
I'm pretty sure I just chose to export it as .bcm data to a network drive. I then did steps 2 and 3 and at step 4 reimported the .bcm data again.
JFowlerjrAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the fuss, but starting from step one, Go to File, then Business Database, then Export.  The Export option is not there.  These are the following options that are under Business Database: Backup, Restore, Maintenance, and Properties.  I'm trying to give phone support to a client of mine, and this is what she is telling me.  Any clue as to what is going on, or other steps to Export this particular file?  Thanks again for all your help!
I believe the backup option under File > Business database is the one we are after.

My apologies - I should have said in my answer that I don't currently support BCM and that my "solution" worked for me about 6-8 months ago, so I may have forgotten some of the exact steps. Sorry for any hassles.
Hopefully one of the experts that is currently supporting BCM will be able to help further.
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