rcmd sometimes produces error messages; what do they mean?

Hey Experts!
I'm using rcmd to do batch jobs on our remote servers. I've installed the rmcdsvc on the servers, and everything usually works great. But I've received some error messages that I'd like to know what they might mean.  I got this one (which was self explainitory) :
 Error - Failed to connect to <\\batfish>, system not found or service not active
I restarted the remote command service on that server (and set it to restart automatically) and that problem was resolved.  

But I've got this one several times:
 Error:2 - Internal error = 6
When I get it I get it on every server.  What do you suppose it means?  I've searched the Knowledge Base and haven't been able to find anything usefull.  Any Ideas?
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ben-gurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some commands return an errorlevel after execution. You might wanna try to catch this errorlevel and act accordingly.

put this command in your batch file, just after the command that generate the error, so you'll see the error number returned:
echo %errorlevel%

(you can put the pause command at the end of the batch file so you'll be able to browse the output)
Then, if you discovered which error number is returned you may replace the above command with something similar to this:
if errorlevel == 1 goto START

and put :START somewhere before, so the command will be repeated.

You can use this reference for batch files: http://users.cybercity.dk/~bse26236/batutil/help/BATCH.HTM

Hope it helps,
SteveGTRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It appears as if this error message is generated by RCMD.EXE. I dumped out the executable and there were a number of variations of this string:

Error:1 - Internal error = %d
Error:2 - Internal error = %d
Error:3 - Internal error = %ld
Error:4 - Internal error = %ld
Error:5 - Internal error = %d
Error:6 - Internal error = %d
Error:7 - Internal error = %d
Error:8 - Internal error = %d
Error:9 - Internal error = %d
Error:10 - Internal error = %d

I'll see if I can find any information on these errors.

Good Luck,

I couldn't find any information on this error other than to contact Microsoft. Does the error occur on a particular DOS command?
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gilbarAuthor Commented:
appreciate the help, steve!
gilbarAuthor Commented:
I'm doing a Dir command, and it seems to fail when our network is busy.  I hope i can get this to work , it takes MUCH less time to look for files remotely then by doing the Dir over the network
gilbarAuthor Commented:
About 80% of the time, it works just fine, when it fails it's always the same error
DOS error 6 could be:

The handle is invalid.

But, that doesn't help you.

You might try other options to replace your RCMD processing. For instance you could map a drive to the remote machine and use that to do the search:

net use g: \\remotemachine\c$

I know that doesn't solve your immediate problem. Sorry :(
gilbarAuthor Commented:
thanx adam, i'll give that a try
gilbarAuthor Commented:
thanx both of you for you assistance
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