Windows 2000 Server Print issues

Windows 2000 Server SP4.  We had a power outage earlier in the week, ever since then printing functions have been abnormal at best.

The server has 2 lpt ports with a printer on each.  

When trying to print from the workstations, I'm getting various errors ranging from "Access Denied" when trying to print a test page to "Your file could not be printed due to an error on \\servername\printer.  There are several possible reasons for this etc."

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer drivers on the server and on the workstations and its still acting flakey.  Help!
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Some suggestions:
1. Maybe some left-overs since before the crash? Stop the spooler, go into C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS and delete everything you find in there, then restart the spooler and try printing.
2. Reset the printer security settings.
3. You said that you've uninstalled and reinstalled the printers - have you kept the existing drivers or reinstalled them?

dkuhlmanAuthor Commented:
For a better example of the issue, here is a circumstance I just encountered.

User Mary just fired up her computer.  I went in to print a test page and it said "access denied".  I clicked on ok and immediatly tried to print a test page again and it worked.
dkuhlmanAuthor Commented:
Ok, I just tried to print a test page locally on the server and I received the message: "Test page failed to print.  Would you like to view the print troubleshooter for assistance?  Unable to create a print job."
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dkuhlmanAuthor Commented:
Of course then I tried to print another test page locally on the server, after about the 4th try it worked.  I kept getting the same error message as noted above.  I have tried the same printer on both lpt1 and lpt2 and get the same results.  I have also tried an identical printer on lpt1 and lpt2.  I do not believe I am dealing with a faulty printer or a faulty lpt port.
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
delete the printer ports in device manager and reboot
dkuhlmanAuthor Commented:
Its automatically detecting the printers and installing drivers, there is no interaction from me.  I have deleted lpt2 and tried printing there, but that didn't work, so I didn't bother with lpt1.  Will there be any benefit to deleting both of them?
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
the drivers will be reinstalled at the next boot, so they shall be refreshed.
Maybe you can try installing the printer directly on a PC and test, then you would know if the printer is ok at least.
rebooting the server can help too, if that is an option.
you can also try a PCI to parallel port card to test
and of course, device manager does not show any errors?

This may sound odd, but check that the time on the server and on all of the PCs involved is correct and synchronised.

Also run a disk check on the server, and if possible a defrag.

The problem is probaly  related to lag between request and authentication in the Rpc server, but it could be caused by a corrupted swapfile or spool directory.
Try this. Remove LPT PORTS, remove printers. Switch printers. Move the LPT1 printer to LPT2 and vice versa. After detection is finished try and rename the shared printers to something else. From the shared computers reinstall the printers again.

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