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Modify a picture

I have a picture I taken....had developed.....and have now used a scanner to put it on the computer.  I want to have some fun with this picture......  Like merge a persons face with a monkey's face, make the arms look bulky and much more.  What kind of software can I use?  Preferablly something that would be quick and simple to use.
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Well, the standard was Kai's Power Tools, which was a fun, stand-alone application for playing with photos as you describe. Unfortunately, that is long gone (although you might check eBay). The good news is that it was purchased by Corel, and they now sell a completely updated and modernized group of plugins and tools as "KPT Collection." It is really a collection of plugins for Photoshop, but I believe it also has a stand-alone interface. You can buy direct from Corel for $100 (http://www.corel.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=Corel2/Products/Home&pid=1047022702225). You can also find it for a bit cheaper at a few places online.

I would also consider taking a look at The GIMP (http://www.gimp.org), which is a powerful full-featured photo editing package, a la Photoshop, which is completely free. It comes with a number of plugins, some of which can do some of the distortion you are interested in, and you can install additional plugins to get specific effects. There is an entire website devoted to GIMP plugins, http://registry.gimp.org.

Yeah, thats what I was thinking, been trying to find out what happend to the Kai tools. Seems metacreations sold off all its graphics apps(http://www.metacreations.com/products/), Kai's power tools went to corel, as lherrou said, but Kai's photo soap and Kai's super goo, went to SCANSOFT, who seem to have stopped developing and selling them. But they are still available on the net, if you do a search for them, u chould be able to track them down easy enough. Very cool, and fun to play with.

There are also plenty of face morphing tools out on the web, if u do a quick search. Here is a piece of freeware: http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~FX6M-FJMY/index2.html
A review of a bunch morphing tools: http://morphing-software-review.toptenreviews.com/morphing-software-feature-definitions.html
You don't have to morph a human face with a human face;]
if you don't care about quality or need something to look "professional" or 100% believable, microsoft paint is pre-installed on pc's running windows.

just click your start menu, search -> type "paint" or "bitmap" and it should appear
here's a tutorial / explanation of tools: http://www.lkwdpl.org/classes/MSPaint/paint.html

if you want something to look believable, i recommend using adobe photoshop. i've used it, but it's somewhat difficult for newbies to use. it took me a while to be comfortable with it. http://www.adobe.com
Hi  WBurroughs,

Here's a freeware morphing program that is easy to use and fun:


SmartMorph has examples and a brief tutorial. Here's a tutorial for SmartMorph on the web:

Gimp is a great image manipulation program - letting you do many things similar to photoshop - and has a Windows version (originally a Linux app):


A great feature is something called Intelligent Scissors.  You simply put points around an area you wish to cut out - say your Monkey Head - once fully circling the area - click on the Cut feature and it will trace the outline itself, giving very clean cuts for pasting on to other pics.  Not bad program at all for free!

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