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I have a Win2k server that just crashed. It has two 9gb SCSI drives... one for the OS and one for the data. Drive 0 is the bad one.

I have two new 36gb SCSI drives on the way. I also have Win 2003 server which I want to use.

I have a complete backup and disaster recovery set from Veritas BackupExec.

What is the best way to go about rebuilding this server? Should I do a clean install of 2003 and then just restore  what I need from the tape? Is there anyway to get the user information wihtout having to setup them all up again?
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If you have all the information of both disks as a complete backup then what you can do is to first restore this backup onto the disks including the previous WIn2K server [assuming it was a complete backup as u say] and then upgrade to 2003. This wud be best.

Before u go ahead i suggest u read up on the below articles for a best way across :

You will need to migrate the data to the new server which wud be best rather thna just restoring the data back. A clean reinstall of 2003 wud be good but will increase ur work but it will also ensure that there are minimum hiccups really and the user data can be restored back from the backups you have.

However using a migration path wud be easier and less work intensive IMO. So its ur pick as to how you wud like to proceed. A little reading arnd is required for that but will go a long way in saving you froma long redoing of policies etc.

If the tape was done as a full backup, not an incremental, you are in luck.  If it is an incremental, yes you will have to install 2003 clean, and hope the incremental will get all the changed data + reg entries.

But assuming you are in luck --

1. put the new drive on a system as slave (or primary on sec controller) where you can format it NTFS.  Go ahead and format the new drive NTFS.  Now with the OS having detected the tape, simply restore the tape backup to the D: drive on that system.  If a full backup, you will be up and running in no time.

Note, if you are trying to restore to the C drive, this will usually NOT work, as the open files that are running when you try to restore to C are locked, and you cannot overwrite them -- hence an incomplete restoration.
comteksoAuthor Commented:
After thinking about it over the weekend I have decided to do a clean install because the win2000 server had extra junk that is not needed.

Thanks for the help.
Excellent decision.  You will not regret it.  2000 had a lot of problems later fixed in 2003.  A clean slate is needed to get the max out of 2003.  Best of luck...
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