Norton Ghost - AI Snapshot problem

Hello Experts-

I am trying to make an application package using Norton Ghost 7 (AI Snapshot Utility) to create an application package that I can deploy on various machines.

I have followed instructions, exactly as asked by Symantec, located at URL:

Everything works fine, I create the package it generates the exe file. When I go to a new machine (exact same hardware, exact same OS and structure) and deploy this application using the exe file I just generated, it runs for a minute and dies.

I am running Windows XP SP1, and have tried to do this with numerous applications like PCAnywhere, Great Plains, Raisers Edge etc on a clean BASE OS only machines, but it exhibits the same behaviour. I am wondering if any of you have come across the same ?

Thanks for any assitance you can provide!
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KaliKoderAuthor Commented:
I think I have solved this myself. I tried a higher version of Ghost (8.0) and that seemed to have done the trick. Its weird, because in past I have created applications for XP from version 7, but perhaps it does not work for certain software with version 7
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