Duplicate temp tables for holding 'inprocessregistration data?

  I'm designing a database that will register and later use client business information.  
The web sign up process is rather long, three pages, that involves uploading  images, inputing credit card number, business discriptions and so on.

  I need to creat a session manager that will let them return sever times to finish the process.
(close their browser,next day and so on).
 My question is, is it better to have 'duplicate' tables to hold this tempory data (some would never be completed), and another for completely registered clients or one that has a field for 'not registered'?


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jrb1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I can't think of any reason to have duplicate tables.  Even if it was in the regular tables, you could have a process to delete anything incomplete that hasn't been touched in the last 30 days or so.  The simplicity of keeping it all together, and then activating it when the registration is complete would be a real plus.
I agree completely with jrb1. That's the best way to handle that situation.
flyboyutAuthor Commented:
Thank very much for your answer, appricate it.
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