Baylan 8 Port Mini hub

i have a mini Baylan 8 Port HubB
its product id is BHT11321UB
can anyone tell me where i can get driver for it
or it will automatically configured on WINXP?
reply me soon
it's urgent
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I think what u have is a LAN hub. It must be a 10/100 or a 10 Mbps hub. You need to just insert a LAN cable to it and power it on. Make sur ethe other end goes into your computer LAN card. Also this is useful if you intend to network your computer with at least 1 other computer else you really do not have much use of it. If ur ISP is giving you internet through a LAN cable, a CAT5 cable then u can plug it in directly into ur LAN card.

The Hub is  a device which enables other computers to talk to each other through the LAN cards. No drivers are neccesary and u wont be able to interface with it also. Its job is to just let data pass through from one computer to the other.

Check here for more info on hubs :

This is a USB device, correct?  So you don't need a special driver for it.
As long as XP recognizes your USB ports, it should be detected and install automatically
However, keep in mind that a USB HUB means your computer will have to be running (for the USB to work) before anyone else can access the internet through this hub.  YOu did know that when you bought it, right?  USB requires the computer to be running that it is connected to.

Basically, there are no special drivers I can find for this device -- it is a regular USB auto-detect.  But if there was a CD that came with the HUB, you might want to instert that into the CD drive, when you first plug the hub in to the USB port and turn it on.
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jamesafeAuthor Commented:
hmm it is not a usb device
this hub have 1 adopter pin
and 8 switches for 8 different connection
it means that i have to just insert my lan cable into my lan card and the other end in this hub.
but i want to know that i will automatically deteced by Winxp or not?
How does this unit get its power?  I mean, it will have a power cable, for sure, but does it have a USB connector?  All the data on it I saw indicated that it was a USB device -- but companies make different versions of the same products.  The key is -- is there a USB connector in the back as well as 8-RJ45s?
Well, to answer you question about WinXP, if it is NOT a USB device, then NO, WinXP does not need to recognize it -- it is a stand-alone hub.  That means that you set your computer to GET an IP by DHCP from this hub.  WinXP does not need to recognize any device NOT attached to the computer.

If it IS a USB, then the USB will detect the hub, and yes, as long as the drivers are setup right for USB on WinXP, it will detect the device.  Normally, a hub does nothing other that let severa computers talk together via CAT5 cable.  If this is a router, that is different, it connects you to the internet.  And it will give DHCP to each computer -- for getting on the internet.  But just a HUB, no, it only lets 2+ computers share files, directories, and so forth.  Does that make it clearer?
XP, in fact all windows versions, does not need to detect a hub unless it is USB, which this isn't, just plug in your PCs network cable and setup your network and everthing will be OK.
Yep, that's exactly what I said, but check the specs on this, there ARE USB version of this hub....
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