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findfirstchangenotification in windows 95/98

I coded and tested my program in Windows XP. I began testing it on Windows 95/98, but discovered that findfirstchangenotification sets a variable to -1 on 95/98. This seems like an error to me, especially when the folder change events are not occurring. Is there something I'm missing? I tried the same path (on local machine) on both computers.
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1 Solution
extramayoAuthor Commented:
Okay, the handle is not created (-1 result) when the subfolders argument is set to true:

NotifyCreate = FindFirstChangeNotification(lpPathName, blnSubTree, FLAGS)

...where blnSubTree = True

It works fine, but without detecting folder changes of subfolders of the lpPathName folder. Any ideas?
extramayoAuthor Commented:
And, I've discovered the Subtree arguement is a long, not a boolean... what are the values for it though?
extramayoAuthor Commented:
One last followup. To clarify: findfirstchangenotifiction sets handle to -1 if subtree is true and returns normal value if set to false. This problem occurs only on a windows 98 machine.
-1 is the invalid handle value.  Err.LastDLLError will give you the true windows error number. The second parameter is more specifically define a C  BOOL type.  This has a value of 0 or 1.  VB's value for true is -1 which Win 95/98 may be taking objection to.  Try defining it as a long and pass 1 instead of a VB True.

extramayoAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that was it.

Public Function NotifyCreate(lpPathName As String, blnSubTree As Boolean, FLAGS As Long) As Long

Dim lngSubTree

' convert boolean to C boolean -1&0 -> 1&0
If blnSubTree = True Then
    lngSubTree = 1
    lngSubTree = 0
End If

NotifyCreate = FindFirstChangeNotification(lpPathName, lngSubTree, FLAGS)

End Function

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