TCP client tutorial needed

Can anyone post a simpel TCP/IP client example? I need to connect to my mail server and get a list of new mails (POP3 STAT) and I need to download them into a memo field, one by one.

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Have you tried looking at the Indy components (free).
There is a POP3 component which will do what you need.


Indy - The Indy Project

There is documentstion and examples:

This is always a very widely used component set, there is much information to be found in the google groups (news groups)

also there are threads on EE

Hope this helps!


It is the Jedi project (free) which has lots of components including TCP/IP clients.

The TCP/IP client per se is trivial (just a socket). That's why there are lots of them. If you need some actual functionality, like downloading pages from Internet, you will have aditional problems like going through login windows, etc. IMHO Jedi does more of that stuff then Indy. Some other free library i do not know about may be even better, so choose responsibly.

Actually you need not a TCP/IP client, but a POP3 client. Jedi does that too.

The downside of Jedi is that help for VCL components is in the source code and example projects.
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