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I have two fields in a form; 1 Author & 1 Readers the code is the same:

@UserName : "[CSRep]" : "[Office Manager]"

This works fine, ie it restricts anyone other than the author of the document or anyone who does not have the user role of "CSRep" or "Office Manager" from either editing it or infact reading it.

The issue i have is with the view, as everyone regardless of the above restrictions can see the totals in the view, i have played with the following selection code, but to no avail:

& @IsMember(@UserName; Authors) | @IsMember(@UserName; Readers)

What i am after is the user only seeing his/her docs and only the totals that relate to those docs and not the totals of all the fields regardless of being able to view the invisible docs that the totals relate to.

Any help would be great Thanks

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p_parthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
it hides all documents where user isn't in readers field but totals tally with every document in the database regardless of whether they are hidden or not. YOu can try using private on first use views

DavidAbbottAuthor Commented:
tried that still no good
qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Synthetics,

You can't eliminate the totals from the bottom of the view, but you can eliminate subtotals (catgeories).  Normally, if theer are categories that all the documents have reader fields so you can't see them -- you will see "empty" catgeories, which show titals.  If you choose the view option to not show empty cateories (in view design), you will eliminate them, but you can't eliminate the totals from the overall view.

Private views will work.  You responded to Parha that it did not work, but that isn't true -- the private views index only data the user can see, so it is as if the document doesn't even exist, even for totals.  I'd have to see a demonstration otherwise, because that is teh way it has ALWAYS worked, ever since reader fields started in R3.

Best regards,
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