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I have a 16X IDE DVD Burner and it is taking 5 to 8 hrs. to burn a movie. Should it take this long?

I have a 16X IDE DVD burner (external) and it takes about 7 hrs. to burn a 3 G. movie. I am using Windows 2000, Pentium III, 900mghz, 391 ram and I have 2 hard drives. I use the 2nd drive for capturing and burning movies only. It is 60 g. I am using Nero. I received this as a Xmas present. I have read a lot of the questions on ee and was going to update my dvd burner but it said did someone tell you to update some updates may cause your dvd not to work correctly. Some of my movies pause or skip a little or the sound is interrupted some. I am new at doing this. Does burning usually take this long?
2 Solutions

While it's taking many hours (I've had it take more then 14 hours -- I let it run overnight), in all probability the time is being consumed encoding the video to MPEG2, and not in actually "burning" the data to the disc, which probably takes under one hour (it would take 1 hour with 1X media; while you may have a 16x burner, it's likely that your media is not faster than 4x, which would take about 15 to 20 minutes to actually burn).

The encoding process, during which time the DVD burner drive will actually not be running, is extremely dependent on software and CPU performance, and slightly (but not greatly) dependent on memory performance.

You didn't say how much memory you had, but if it's less than 512 megs, then upgrade to 512.  More than 512 megs is unlikely to help.  The main factors here are the software and the CPU.  There is a huge difference in how fast different software encoders perform their encoding.  The same encoding task can easly take 4 or more times longer with some software than with other software.  And in all cases, it is highly CPU intensive, so if you have a slow CPU, then upgrading to a fast CPU (say 2.8 GHz or faster) should be high on your priority list.  Note that some software packages can take advantage of, and will benefit from, Hyperthreading, while others can't and won't.
Try this .....

"3. I was told to enable DMA for my IDE recorder and any IDE CD-/DVD-ROM drive connected to my system. How is this done under Windows?

Enable DMA for any CD-/DVD-drive.

For Windows 95/98/ME: Go to your 'Control Panel --> System --> Device Manager --> CD-ROM' and under your drives 'Properties --> Settings' enable DMA for your devices.

For Windows 2000/XP: Go to your 'Control Panel --> Systems --> Hardware --> Device Manager' and double-click on the 'IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers'. Right-click on the 'Primary IDE Channel' and go to 'Properties --> Advanced Settings'. Change ´Transfer Mode´ to 'DMA if available'.
Do the same for the secondary IDE channel."

...from nero help
smcclendonAuthor Commented:
I read the part about changing IDE mode to DMA on ee, I did that already and my primary was set to DMA the secondary was not. It was set to PIO. whatever those acronyms mean.....I did set the secondary for DMA if available but I have not restarted and tried it yet. I will try and see what happens. My memory is about 378.
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If, as I suspect, the time is being consumed encoding -- during which time the DVD burner isn't even running -- then DMA will not effect this in any significant way.

Actually, since memory is always multiples of powers of 2, it sounds like you have 384 megs of memory (256+128).  Upgrading to 512 (ditch the 128 and replace it with a 256 if you don't have enough free memory slots) may help somewhat.  But it's mostly dependent on the software and the CPU.
smcclendonAuthor Commented:
I restarted and it didn't help any. I did upgrade my memory when I bought my digital camcorder a couple of years ago. I think it is 384. I can't upgrade the CPU right now, so i will have to do with what i have. I am going to upgrade memory. Is there anything else I can do to upgrade the cpu inexpensively. How or can you upgrade the megahertz? So what software is the best. I've read a lot about DXD copy on ee. I have thought about downloading a trial program, but if they are like nero, you can't have another recording device loaded on your computer. When I loaded nero, i had to take off my software from my camera and i also had another software version of nero that i had to take off. It just took a lot of time and troubleshooting.
What CPU do you have?  You can't achieve a truly significant change without changing the CPU (sure you may be able to overclock 10% or 20% -- but you are looking for a 100% improvement, or more).

Software is more important here than any other component.  Some software encoders can do in 2 hours what will take others 10 hours.  But the encoder is usually integral to the DVD authoring softwae, and can't be changed except by going to a totally different program, and in truth, I'll often sacrifice the final production time (which I can let run overnight) for the user interface and editing features that I want.

I have no problems installing multiple DVD and CD burning software on my machine.  I have Roxio, Nero, DVD XCopy (yes, the one that was taken off the market), Pinnacle, and a few others all co-exiting peacefully.  The key here is DO NOT INSTALL THE PACKET WRITING APPLICATIONS of Nero and Roxio (or any other "full-feature" burning applications).  Packet writing (also known as UDF format), in my opinion should never be used or installed anyway, and it causes most of the conflicts between these applications.  This is the module called "InCD" by Nero, and either "Direct CD" or "Drag-to-Disc" by Roxio.  It's installed by default, but can be de-selected.
smcclendonAuthor Commented:
I have an HP that is about 3 yrs. old. So........which one of your applications do you like the best. All I am doing is burning my home movies that i have taken on my digital camcorder. I am not into coping dvds. I do like to add effects and make chapters. If I had a choice i would probably buy an apple g5. i have an apple g4 laptop. I love how easy it is to make a movie.
Try to focus on the reality of the OS's limitations, despite everything you have heard.  Win2000 came out before DVDs were in full swing, and since MS is always lagging on new technology, you are running the WRONG OS for DVD movie burning.  Win 2000 will simply NOT perform correctly, no matter what anyone else says to the contrary.  We have tested MANY scenarios, it just does not handle the thruput right.

To get decent DVD movie burns, you need to do the folllowing, if you want to cut a DVD in 20 minutes --

1.  The OS MUST be XP PRO -- there is no alternatives to this -- it simply MUST be XP Pro
2.  You need to get at least an 8x capable DVD burner, the 4x were really 2x on "steroids"
3.  You need to get the VERY VERY VERY LATEST software from either Roxio or Nero, your choice.
4.  You need to choose the latest DVD R- or R+ media compatible with the latest 8x DVD burner.

Realize, burning DATA to DVDs is NOTHING like burning DVD movies to DVDs.  Different as night and day.
CDs and data DVDs are totally unrelated to DVD movie burning -- which requires that ALL the data, audio and video be split to separate tracks and encoded differently than any other data copying method.

Furthermore, if you want to burn true DVD movies in real time, you should shoot for this optimum system:

(a)  AMD XP 2000-2500 CPU, MINIMUM 768 MB RAM, minimum 40 GB free hard disk space;
(b) minimum, the VERY latest ROXIO or Nero Express, with DVD shrink, DVD Xcopy and ALL THE LATEST dvd RIP-encoders installed, doesn't matter who says you can't use them or otherwise, they are 199% needed.  We have tested this on over 100 systems, and we know this is what's needed.
smcclendonAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for all of your help. Looks like i have a good christmas wish list already started.

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