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10038:Socket Operation on non-socket

Ok I have a Windows 98 SE Fujitsu Stylistic LT tablet computer

I have and had working a linksys wpc11 pcmcia wifi network card

I installed a DBT120 bluetooth dongle last night (cell phone connection desired)


it trashed my system. Windows crashiung kernel 32 crashing wlan utility crashing (subject error) even bt tray crashing (the BT worked though kind off)

I promptly ELIMINATE the widcomm software and everything settled down EXCEPT my network access. whenever the wlan utility opens thats the error I get. I think that is also why though the BT did connect to my phone I could not browse

my only guess is that "something" that stinking widcomm software did is persisting.

Dlink tells me to reinstall windows (that is an extreme last resort as reinstalliung windows on a tablet is a royal pain in the ...)

Linksys blows me off Operating system error contact microsoft (yeah that will work)

Widcomm. left them a message I dont expect much from them.

so any ideas ? I reinstalled TCP/IP and file sharing no joy.

It sound to me like the widcomm software hosed something related to networking and I need to fix it.

Any suggestions ?
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Wow, I would suggest something like XP's "sfc /scannow" but you're using 98!!!  Time to reload!
OMG, sfc **does** exist in WIndows 98!  Check this out:  http://www.helpdesk.umd.edu/topics/troubleshooting/os/windows_9x/549/
nerys71Author Commented:
ok this ALWAYS happens this way ! ALWAYS I worked for the last 14 hours trying to fix this and the MOMENT I post a question here I fix it

I found a utility called WindosckxpFix and it worked like a charm !

the problem is the widcomm drivers hosed a networking component this utility fixed it !

Awesome no languishing painful aggravating windows 98 se reinstall on a tablet computer !!!

Genexan your the only one who replied and the SFC thing rocks and I am too lazy to do a refund thingy so I am goiung to accept your answer please add my solution in this post to your reply so that the archive will have a proper answer to this problem for future users

Chris Taylor
Hey Chris, as per the suggestion try fixing your WinSock:
I also found this one:  http://www.bu.edu/pcsc/internetaccess/winsock2fix.html

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