No scanDisk/Defrag

It has been awhile since I did a scan disk or defrag on my system. Now whenever I try and do a scan disk it starts but will only run about 25% then it will start over. The scan disk never finishes. I try running defrag instead of scan disk first and that will not finishing running either. All other windows are closed. Should I turn off more processes in the task manager? What needs to be running.
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Hi czar83,

Try to do scandisk and defrag in safe mode

or you could try closing virusscan applications, spyware protections etc

Best regards,
Danny Ebbers

Running them in Safe Mode as suggested above will probably solve your problem, but you can also get the free ScanDefrag.

It is the most advanced disk maintenance program there is. It runs Disk Cleanup, ScanDisk, and Disk Defragmenter.

It's easy to setup and use, and it can deal with problems like "drive's contents have changed: restarting...".

Get it and read about all the options it has that you can use. It is a small download.

First configure Disk Cleanup (tick all options), then ScanDisk (as suggested by ScanDefrag) and at last Disk Drefagmenter.

Click RUN and let the process finish. If the HDD is as messy as it sounds, it may take a while to finish the 3 processes, but be patient, it will pay back.

you can also delete all unnecessary files and folders first, since it can be a disc space problem
delete in internet explorer cookies and history
in windows\ temp everything
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well, if you do not have 15% space free, the scan/defrag locks up in many cases.
i think it was good info


Feel free to change the recommendation. No problems here.

no problems here either, Lee Tutor; do as you see fit.
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